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  1. What is the Issue you are having: I cannot go into my house What is your character name that this issue is affecting: James Connor Steam Name:Lux https://steamcommunity.com/id/yourboilux/ When did this issue first occur: Month or two ago Is this issue affecting just you or multiple players: Just me Do you have video evidence: NO What steps did you take for this bug to occur: I accidentally deleted my character awhile back and forgot to ask for the keys back too it. Have you reported the bug to any staff members if so who did you report the issue to: N/A
  2. Okay please text me when you would like to see it
  3. Hello, lovely people of Los Santos I have a unique car for you. The car that I am selling is the Fränken Stange which I believe to be the last of its kind. I do not have a price in mind so please send me your offers. If you wish to see it in person my number is 555502441. So please feel free to contact me the picture attached is the car.
  4. Cheers bud, make sure you get your queue priority on the server, hop on ts!


    Thanks for the support!

  5. I have tweeted at you multiple times when I believed you were in town and have gotten no response. Could we possibly make a date and time that we could meet? -James Connor
  6. Do you think you will be around tomorrow around 4 pm GMT? If so can you drop me a text
  7. Will do. I know its Meta but are you in town currently
  8. Name:James Connor Number:555426940 Item:DB11 Price:5 Million Photo:
  9. It's easy to do corners irl at like 60mph and in the game you can barely make a turn at 30mph.
  10. Bikes are unrealistic due to mod that the server uses. They have a turning circle of a truck. I understand it is to make it fair for people to be able to catch them but you physically can't turn it.
  11. The title says it all. How long does it take for donator perks take to go into effect