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  1. So guys what i was thinking is we have so much houses and apartment buildings through the city and im talking about the ones you cant buy . So what if we would add locations where people can robb apartments, houses. So the risk of police get notified would depend on the house your trying to robb and reward system aswell . If you try to brake in some shitty apartment obviously the police notification risk would be smaller still high though ... so you'd have to spend like a minute or two robbing the place in order to succsess and to add risk . Obviously the bigger the house the more luxurious the place looks better the reward higher the risk . Obviously police would send a patroll when get notified and the notifications would be the same as for drug selling or car stealing since it's not on a scale of bank robbery . I think it would add diversity to the game and more things to do ๐Ÿ™‚ ! also would like to apologize since it was written very quickly since im busy but you get the idea
  2. Lateย  : Vse najbolลกe ๐Ÿ™‚ ! Zdravja in veseljaย 

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  3. that is some year 2050 cooling quality that man lives in the future !
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  5. So if i understand correctly those cars are at simmeones ?
  6. again AWESOME JOB keep it up !
  7. you got me there i was clicking on them like idiot for 1 whole min
  8. loved the place and the people . Most delicious pizzas in LS by far !
  9. Gucci kidnapping every 5 minutes
  10. I really just need a 2nd screen to browse while ingame etc ๐Ÿ˜œ but im not sure shall i put money into it or not like shall i buy something smaller then 27 inch or same monitor to look better lmao
  11. Hey guys so im planning to buy 2nd monitor and i really dont know if i should buy same monitor as i have now or a little bit smaller for a secondary monitor im Currently owning an ASUS MX279H 27'' Full HD IPS LED monitor, 80000000:1 ASCR, 5ms, HDMI Please Suggest what should i do 2nd monitor of the same or a little bit smaller what do you guys prefer. Any suggestion which monitor to buy ? Price range around 300 eu