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  1. They are all going to die i call it 😂
  2. @Connor 😂😂😂 never Get's Old You are entering in a world of pain Larry 😄
  3. Can we get a Penis tattoos so @Gucci_Millian can put it on Ivan 😂
  4. Good job on implementing radios you guys are amazing !
  5. Wow holy ballz looks dope !
  6. What is the Issue you are having: I own Dubsta SUV and the other day i try to pull dubsta out and i got Bravado Suv instead . And i thought it's a minor bug and it will appear after restart but it still has not ! What is your character name that this issue is affecting: Anatoly Petrov Steam Name: Norikmet When did this issue first occur: Around 1.18 patch ? Is this issue affecting just you or multiple players: Dont know But i guess its a major bug involving garage probably some one else too Do you have video evidence: YES/NO : Yes sreenshot will provide under the template What steps did you take for this bug to occur: Report on forums . Have you reported the bug to any staff members if so who did you report the issue to: Tried to do /report but i would be told to go on here anyways 🙂 screens : Click for bigger picture.
  7. Welcome to the community mate from another Slovenian ❤️
  8. @Ashjones after that you will love https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5715524/ Spinoff its Post "jax teller " time 🙂