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  1. Yep either way it could work
  2. There needs be anew drug so my faction can sell something for an income towards the faction as everything else as bin taken...... And I think the police need to be looked at as some are very good and some don't know what to do in a sticky mess and staff needs to be looked at a little because some new players will join and rdm once and some staff will kick them right away rather than a little talk with them as the staff makes the server stand out from others and I've put in a idea to help this ...... Thank u
  3. Ok so this is another idea of mine for new ppl that's joining the server which will tie the spawn point and job centre better so my idea is .......... There is 3 car parks right next to spawn point ie down side and behind the job centre which no one uses so I think it be a great idea to use one of these car parks to place at tourist building for new comers which can be meeted and greated by a staff member or a normal player if turned into a job so normal player will be paid from it this will help new comes to understand rules and stuff better plus it will make it better rp aswel plus put signs up to guide the way for new members to the tourist building.... Comment what you think about this please
  4. me and calum bin trying everyday and i did get a few new players 2 days ago :)
  5. Bin trying my best to get more ppl to join use or last night I manage to get 4 to 5 new people 😁 it's getting there but slowly just like any other new servers 🙂
  6. True but was a nice hang out spot but even better hangout spot now there's ramps and stuff why don't you guys try ad like a hot dog stand and stuff there so you can buy food from there if people hang out there or for people on the ramps
  7. ok ash trying my best get some ppl but ive posted on some big groups that have over 500000 members XD
  8. remove as it dont look nice maybe put somethink that looks better like a food stand and so on
  9. jamstar

    selling a car

    sorry for late replie it still dont work for me
  10. thank you guys looking forward to seeing you all ingame and yep kj thats me lol XD
  11. jamstar

    selling a car

    ok ill try soon as ill need another 100k and sell a car to get a new one XD
  12. hello, so my ingame name is jamie firth knowen as white suit man lol.. so i come from the uk east mindlands , i love to hear peoples rp ingame i also help alot of new and old member out when and where i can im always driveing around the city in many of my cars so thats abit about me . see you in the city buhbye for now