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  1. is there any faction i can have to earn a  nice income and rp  ive bin with the server from day dot so far for  my apps for making money and rp have bin denied so im getting board of old jobs now  im trying to buy and sell cars but even that is struggleing so is there any new jobs coming or  any faction i can have ?

    1. Snoopy


      Im in the early stages of starting up my faction Ls Mobile, i belive i told you about it before. if you would like to know more or if youd wanna take part please send me a PM.

    2. Plaaank


      Sounds like you're onto something with Snoopy there but otherwise the best thing to do is just roleplay it out and get involved in something in-game, in-character. Good luck buddy!

  2. happy birthday young one XD lol


    1. Connor_


      Slowly but surely getting older 😉

    2. jamstar
  3. im back bitches lol


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