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  1. sorry for late replie it still dont work for me
  2. thank you guys looking forward to seeing you all ingame and yep kj thats me lol XD
  3. ok ill try soon as ill need another 100k and sell a car to get a new one XD
  4. hello, so my ingame name is jamie firth knowen as white suit man lol.. so i come from the uk east mindlands , i love to hear peoples rp ingame i also help alot of new and old member out when and where i can im always driveing around the city in many of my cars so thats abit about me . see you in the city buhbye for now
  5. hello so today i went to sell acar at the car show room just behind it so i drove into the blue marker and nothing happend so thought ill let you guys know. many thanks jamstar