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  1. jamstar

    Casino v2

    big+10 from me not because im lsm lol but because it will open loads more and add more to the server plus more rp for all
  2. it was fun. even both jamies stepped on each other toes then became friends was nice knowening jamie smith thank you for the rp we ad 🙂
  3. its an idea but many old time players like my self have worked really hard to get what we have , like me ive bin here since server opened ive worked hard for my cars sold many to get the bmw pretty much thats all i own now lol , but for me its a no due to alot of hard work from old timers to get where we gotten.
  4. jamstar

    (SOLD) // Autarch

    or paint witch everyone as 🙂 (png)
  5. What is the Issue you are having: so ive bin offline ive gone from 160k to -26k in my bank What is your character name that this issue is affecting: jamie firth Steam Name: jamstar When did this issue first occur: 10/2/19 at 12.11am Is this issue affecting just you or multiple players: just me i think Do you have video evidence: YES/NO no What steps did you take for this bug to occur: just loged on ? Have you reported the bug to any staff members if so who did you report the issue to: yes reported in game got told to report it on here
  6. sure is and plenty of more live streams of the server coming ..... so ill post links on here
  7. ok guys so ive done my first live stream of tthe server witch is over 2 hours long XD
  8. what about addeding speed bumps. around the city as in like real life
  9. is there any faction i can have to earn a  nice income and rp  ive bin with the server from day dot so far for  my apps for making money and rp have bin denied so im getting board of old jobs now  im trying to buy and sell cars but even that is struggleing so is there any new jobs coming or  any faction i can have ?

    1. Snoopy


      Im in the early stages of starting up my faction Ls Mobile, i belive i told you about it before. if you would like to know more or if youd wanna take part please send me a PM.

    2. Plaaank


      Sounds like you're onto something with Snoopy there but otherwise the best thing to do is just roleplay it out and get involved in something in-game, in-character. Good luck buddy!

  10. Will do thank you mate
  11. so heres a few photos from the party with dutch and crew and many others ( dutch and bubba did great sets )