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  1. so heres a few photos from the party with dutch and crew and many others ( dutch and bubba did great sets )
  2. Sky fiber 30mb download and 5mb upload unlimited TV every channel and every add-on plus landline £52 amonth
  3. jamstar


    Sounds good to me mate
  4. jamstar


    What awards would they get tho ?
  5. I wouldn't risk it as rdm players love it and once they banned then both lost your stuff
  6. yes matey it will reduce rdm by loads aswel at legion with new comers driving on legion paths
  7. ok as we all know people love to hang out in legion but we do get the odd idoits that love to drive on the paths aswel ie rdm or thay can not drive XD so my idea is to help cut this down by not moveing people away from legion but to put posts around the walk way path to stop cars and anythink driving up on to the paths
  8. happy birthday young one XD lol


    1. Connor_


      Slowly but surely getting older 😉

    2. jamstar
  9. im back bitches lol


  10. Yep either way it could work