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      This is explicit content and goes against the forum TOS surely 

  2. Just seen this, great guide with great detail, thank you for making it.
  3. Thanks for posting this.
  4. Thank you for the support.

  5. Hey ash, im feeling generous. here is a box of gold



  6. Get the signature pictures gone please, the size of those images and how messy they make a post look is silly.

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      Yeah they're gone.

  7. Happy Birthday

  8. Status update complete.

  9. @Kronus This is the one i use, you was saying you wanted a new map for your game.
  10. Smuggler Ash, I see.

    Naughty boy 

  11. Ashjones

    Fishermans Guide

    Thanks for doing this, great guide.
  12. Ashjones

    Hunting Guide

    Guide to hunting - 1 piece of meat will give between $200 top $250 dollars so get hunting! First you head the the hunting spot found below. Press E to start hunting. A quad bike will spawn, use this if you wish as your mode of transport. The map will show little plus icons, these are deer locations for you to hunt. You have to use your own firearm to hunt....this may change soon, shoot the deer. Press E to slaughter. You will then see how much meat you have slaughtered. Head to the meat sell point. Walk to the circle and press E - there is no notification at the moment for much you earn so just keep and eye on your money.
  13. Noticed you donated, thanks for that pal - whats your steam name so i can sort your permissions.

    1. MrSingh


      You're welcome. I know it's not cheap to run a server.

      It should be antolio09 but my profile is here https://steamcommunity.com/id/antolio/

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