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  1. Guys - i am locking this topic and it will be dealt with over teamspeak - the forums arent for arguing, if a player posts a concern or a report here thats fine, someone will speak to him and anyone involved separately and we can find a way to move forward trying our best to keep all parties happy 🙂
  2. Which job in particular ?
  3. It’s stuff I have to do server side, let me know if it works for you or not, if it doesn’t I’ll do the same steps I did for the last user who’s problem is now resolved, however I’m working until 10pm tonight tomorrow and Sunday so it may be later for me to do it. But that said try first and let me know if you can connect, I have a feeling you should be able to.
  4. Ashjones

    Trans Gender

    Really puzzled with this one im not going to lie, it will be looked into.
  5. Problem fixed for the others users.
  6. Sorry you feel that way, a lot of us have families and jobs and cant reply straight away all the time, someone else has this issue and we are trying to fix it, but its not as simple as clicking a button and its fixed.