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  1. Hi everyone, So i am looking into custom cars, i am experimenting on the test server with police vehicles and civilian alike. Please do NOT start sending me suggestions for vehicles, this is purely in testing to see the impact on server performance before i look at anything else. Here is a Ferrari i am currently testing.
  2. I can do this, I’m ok at editing, I did the ride or die trailer and am working on a movie for that so I can do a quick promo thing with you, speak about it later.
  3. This is cool mate, nice post.
  4. So im working on a documentary style film for the server based on motorcycle clubs - heres a quick trailer i did, took me 15 mins.
  5. Ashjones


    Welcome to the community, see you in game 🙂
  6. Ashjones

    Money Bug

    Ill sort this tonight when im on mate, sorry about the wait, bloody work getting in the way 🙂
  7. Oh and welcome back 🙂 - reminder we are using a new ip now - server name [UK/EU] Los santos life rp - iP
  8. What @DTiger said - 😁 Basically said everything i would have 🙂
  9. I hate to break this to you mate but you have the wrong website - we are lossantosliferp.com- the server you are referring to with those individuals is lossantoslife.com - dont worry we get this a lot. You may want to bring this to their attention on their forum matey. So you know the difference - we are [UK/EU] Los santos life rp - I.P -
  10. Ashjones


    ill look into this tonight for you.
  11. Ashjones

    Money Bug

    Whats your characters name in game so i can adjust correctly ?