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  1. CSGO was binned by me a long time ago, no interest in playing this new game mode...as for fortnite, never played it but looks shit and i dont like the age bracket it tends to attract.
  2. Put in a business / Faction application mate, its a good idea.
  3. Welcome @JoshuaaH93 glad you are having a good time, very simple rp tip to follow mate, if it seems assured and something that you wouldn't do without great consideration in real life, then don't do it in RP. Stick to that and encourage in depth dialogue rather than actions and you'll get the very most out of what is there to be had. Have fun.
  4. Few things you can try, poke me on teamspeak sometime and ill discuss them with you.
  5. Ashjones

    dota 2

    I ask myself that every time i play dota mate.
  6. This is not as simple as remove it as its making the drug business worthless, there is lots of factors here and id be happy to discuss them on teamspeak as to why i disagree.
  7. Hello all, You may have noticed there has been a delay in people replying to EMS applications, this is due to the person who runs the EMS department being without a PC at the moment. We have put something in place and the applications will be reviewed int he next day or two. Many thanks for your understanding and patience, Ash.