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  6. That was the tag name before his name in Teamspeak, i'm not sure about the name i think it was Anderson? i do remember that the country he's from was UAE
  7. I was recklessly driving when i saw a police car driving a lot more recklessly then me with full lights for what seems like no reason, a second after i see the car doing a u turn and pulling me over, after i get pulled over i realize their asking me to get out of the vehicle?(In real life that's how people who impersonate a police officer steal your car) Ok lets let that slide, I was getting asked for id and insurance, i gave my id and gave insurance. *in my head* lets roleplay that it's my grandmother's vehicle *yea that's a good idea* Reality-> so who's car is this? my grandmother. 2 seconds later i get charged for grand theft auto without even seeing a "Is this vehicle registered to XXX" in the ooc chat. *in my head* ok lets run make at least some roleplay out of this Reality-> sir put your hands up *in my head* ok lets try and threaten them Reality-> i pull a gun, get tazed twice and instantly Cuffed. not even a drop the gun? or not even a sir put your hands behind your back(after i got tazed). 2 seconds later i'm getting transported in a police cruiser with full code 3 and them driving like assholes, driving at high rates of speed and cutting through grass Ok lets say i didnt care about me dying in that car? what about the civilians on the road and other cars. Btw thanks for calling me a scumbug while in roleplay. Basically what i'm trying to say is, the officer clearly didnt give a f**k about the roleplay and just wanted to throw me in jail.
  8. I've worked with kronus for some time, I've got a lot of experience with graphics and vehicle texturing, I've started making ymaps about a month ago and got the hang of it, you can prob contact me if you need any help