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  1. Love the profile picture mate

  2. +1 I have recently submitted a faction application and suggested using the gas stations. Think this is a great idea!
  3. Crafty

    Logging on issues

    Hi Guys I'm having real issues logging in this last couple days. The loading screen keeps getting caught up in the Map loading at the vehicles.meta stage and just freezes. Anyone else having the same problem? Only thing that gets me on is constantly retrying and clearing my cache but even that doesn't always work. Any help would be good
  4. Crafty

    See through walls

    @Ashjones No worries man - i'm sure that list is pretty long as it is. Happy i could help 🙂
  5. Crafty

    See through walls

    Hey @Ashjones @Kronus The building is beside Go Postal. Sorry about the quality of the video. Hope this helps FiveM_01-11-2018_12_31_1.mp4
  6. Crafty

    See through walls

    It is possible to see through the walls in the lobby entrance of the building @ 23 Spanish Avenue. Screenshot shows what i mean..