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  1. Some normal cars for imports would be nice. Pretty sure all the imports are highly expensive supercars. Would be cool if simeons shop had some imports.
  2. Zuthrane


    If we're going for realism. @Kronus, please can you set half the map on fire 🙂
  3. Title says it all. Would be helpful for RP. Takes the same amount of time as buckling seatbelt.
  4. We should be able to purchase businesses around the map. Also would be good if we could supply them ourselves. If a shop isn't supplied then everything is out of stock. Factions could be paid to either steal from someones business or to protect it. Also, once you have a fair bit of money. Selling drugs just isn't worth the time. Investing in businesses adds something else to work towards. Job Opportunities: Business Manager (Control prices and other staff wages.) Security Trucker/Transport Petrol Stations: The option to purchase a tanker from the docks, with the option to increase the amount of gallons. If more than you can hold at the station is purchased then a tanker could permanently be sat behind the building. This could be stolen and sold for a cheaper price to other owners. Could only be stolen if a big truck is purchased for a large amount. The owner of the station could also sell the shop underneath to someone. All money is held in a safe that can be robbed. Just like store robberies now. Weapon Shops: The price of weapons would vary across the map. Could also have a variety of availability so more of the map is used. A good place to get stock would be the army ship. Again, all supplies can be stolen and sold for cheaper than standard to other business owners. Just like the station though, people could be paid to transport weapons safely across the map. All money is held in a safe that can be robbed. Just like store robberies now. General Stores: If we could purchase these and set the prices of all items it would add some good rp. Supplies could come from all around the map. If someone really wanted to I guess they could rob a load of food. All money is held in a safe that can be robbed. Just like store robberies now. Thanks for reading
  5. I think we should be able to add users by ID into a group. When in the group, friendly fire is off. In some RP situations gunfire is just unrealistic. If a group of 3 people wanted to actually beat someone up, it's pretty much impossible without accidentally smacking friends. It's the same with melee weapons. I went to use a knife on someone but it locked on to my friend. I wasn't even looking at him but I think it does it by proximity. This makes some melee RP situations impossible. Thanks for reading
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