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    i played it for about an hour, loved it. soon got bored. haha. delete....
  2. Hi all, If you have been unfortunate as to be banned on our server, you will be required to apply to be unbanned. this is done via google docs, and is discussed via a panel of fine specimens. Please be as honest as possible, and as a community, if we show remorse and are willing to change, we will grant second chances. The link to be unbanned you will find HERE Many thanks, Bob
  3. Hi all, And welcome to los santos life RP, my names bob and i'm director of QA. Business faction applications will processed through google docs. If you would like to apply for a faction/business on our server, you will find the link HERE . The QA team will look forward to seeing your ideas, and will en-devour to assist you with any applications. Many thanks, Bob