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  1. Full Name - Drew Mcintyre Age - 37 Born - Miami, Florida. Job - Military General. Family - Dad was in the military, Mother, military doctor. Three brothers, also in the military. Lost to apocalypse. Full detailed character bio - Drew grew up in downtown Miami. He was a young man who was influenced by his peers. Not long after highschool Drew became part of a dark sector of society and began to hustle, sell drugs and pimp out women. Although Drew was making lots of money he realised he had no true purpose in life and he decided to join the military and leave his dark past behind. Drew fought in the Afghanistan war for the American forces. Drew came back after the the Americans withdrew from Afghanistan and he wished to live a normal life. After the beginning of the outbreak Drew had no choice but the come back into service for his country. After many years of fighting the infected Drew’s regiment was dwindling and he was all that remained. Although Drew was the only remaining member of his regiment, he continued to fight on, whatever the cost. For the good and the better of Los Santos.
  2. Awesome banner!

  3. I would like to buy petrol stations and shops, so the owners could make money for selling gas, and store items
  4. Legion has a big flat area that is not much used anymore, it would be cool with a small skatepark. Maybe just a very small halfpipe or something like that. We could host community skate / bmx contest there and so on. What do you guys think?