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  1. JTee

    Tig Munson.

    ffs @Jackswhen i seen the title i thought, fuck he cant be dead. lmao you had me panicking a little there. great read, good job.
  2. gutted to miss this, but massive respect from AJ!
  3. The post has had major changes, hope you all enjoy the read and Yes we are still Recruiting
  4. Respect from AJ, You a True Playa. And will be truly missed!
  5. im pretty sure game pass is £1 atm so you can get it for £1 for the month to try it
  6. id love to play i got it on console and played the hell out of it but i bought it on PC and havent played a game so LMK if you need someone to join to make a full team
  7. Dam Bob are you really playing AJ like that? keeping stuff secret Dam thought us ballas where family. lmao gj bud
  8. how does someone become a DJ / Presenter if interested?
  9. is that a different AJ cause that aint me lmao
  10. imo a reset would be great means more RP, less super cars. yes i know people work hard for them but fresh start RP is great and super good. ATM all it is on the server is anyone selling a car for 4 mil. IMO RP is not about money, its about RP money is just a asset a extra bonus which is 10x more fun when gained through other RP methods not doing 3 hours worth of grinding a day. people will say but i grinded but lets be honest its a RP server not a MMO all grinding does is get you money. if it was a MMO where grinding got you stats and multiple advantages id say a wipe is a pain in the ass but atm. i personally think it needs a reset. economy is almost certainly fucked at this point most people who have been on the server a couple of days have got loads of money its at the point where people could give 100k to multiple new players and not miss the money due to the volume of $ in their bank.
  12. You mean a Popty Ping @L155 - Jones. Love a good cuppa from a Popty Ping me like L666 - Percy
  13. JTee

    [Sold] Nero 2

    Name: Antwan "AJ" Jeffordson Contact Number: 555967712. Item Name: Nero 2. Item Description: Luxury Sports Super Car. Not many around the City, One of the Fastest cars in the city i believe, Cant buy in store anymore, nice colour options and liveries, Bought originally for 3 Mil. Looked after, Freshly cleaned and done out professionally by Bennies. Price: 3 Mil - price may be able to be negotiated just don't give insulting offers, would like to make as much back on the vehicle as possible due to being in top condition and rare around the city.
  14. JTee

    Sea of Thieves

    Look i know this game was disappointing alot of people on release. but after watching big streamers give the game another go after the release of 2 DLC im going to give it another go especially since game pass is currently £1 and sea of thieves is in the game pass. if anyone is interested in trying it again HMU i need 3 more Crew members @Connor_ i know you said you might be interested but anyone else just let me know
  15. just seen on blizzard.net that they have a offer on that COD BO4 is on sale for £26 for just the BR and Multiplayer no zombies included ngl played the beta and was really good. i may get it if others do