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  1. JTee

    Cop chases

    i've noticed that when involved in cop chases / seeing cop chases many officers and the force are trying to get close enough to taser the driver out of the car. i think it would be a good idea to take action like other serious rp servers and use take down monovers more instead of using tasers on a driver which is very unlikely to happen in real life. i think if cops use the take down monovers it can cause good chases and rp. both the cops should take into consideration where its safe to pull off take down monovers / pit monovers not just in a busy street is ls as theirs a risk of hitting civs. obviously this will depend on if the crim is shooting as usually its fair to shoot back but id the crim is just fleeing / driving away usually there is no need for a cop to shoot they should use their training to follow the crim and wait for a opportunity to put monover of for the crim to make a mistake and total his car on his own accord causing less damage to police vehicles and good realistic rp chases. Just wanted to say this is not to shit talk the Cops as your doing a great job, just imo this can add better RP scenes and have some fun for both the crim and police as some chases can be fun if it doesnt go to instant shoot outs, and just hoping this can add to the overall quality of RP. sorry for spelling mistakes lmao. id love to hear your opinions, on what you guys think.
  2. i'm just going to keep this short and sweet!!!! Yes you are reading the title right The Balla's are looking for people to join the gang / family from Grove Street. I'm looking for Good, trusted RP'rs who are interested in RP someone from the hood. Just a warning i will be doing checks with admins and mods if possible on people who have shown interested for things such as bans and kick, as i only want to accept the best and most trusted to the faction as i want this faction to succeed and be a great asset for the server and RP. Thanks for reading and hopefully showing interest. if anyone is interested just comment on the post and ill get back to you, also if you don't know much about the balla's you can read up about them here;
  3. i totally agree with you with setting the standard that why i added it in, just sometimes frustration takes over which is on me to not let happen. and i can see how it could be difficult to manage it was just a suggestion as ive seen it on other popular servers.
  4. can we please add a rule like in other popular servers that if someone gets shot or goes unconscious from a rp situation that the person cant return to that location or involve themselves in that rp for like 30 mins to stop people instantly going back after people as it spoils rp and is super stupid. imo this should be for both re spawning in hospital or getting revived by medics? this was made quick as a rant so if anyone wants to add please do just fed up of people going straight back after people and yes i admit i do it to but i only do it as everyone else does but i really dont want this to continue can be super annoying for everyone involved.
  5. Full Name - Lee Macca Age - 23 Born - Los Santos Job - Survival Expert Family - The Nature - all Family deceased Full detailed character bio - Lee Macca is a survival expert, Lee's job is he travels all over the world so see and film nature in the natural habitats, he was inspired by many survival man and woman across the world and he decided to come back to LS after hearing the tragic news of a illness spreading across LS. Lee took the last plane into LS to find his family (which he thinks are still alive) but he hasn't spoke to for 12 years. Lee Macca has used his survival skills to get through with outbreak by helping people he finds around ls to try and get to his family he uses his skills to help and teach other people if trusted and also help get around the outbreak. Lee Macca has never killed a human but has killed many other living things including some of the outbreak, times are hard for Lee Macca as he is starting to lose hope on finding his family and his only belief that their still alive is the other survives he meets in LS during the outbreak. Will Lee Macca keep his cool, calm and collected self during the outbreak, or will he lose full control and go rogue or possible turn into the outbreak. who knows and this is where Lee Macca's Outbreak Story starts.
  6. so last night i had some great rp where my character scammed someone for alot of money by pretending to sell a supercar which i stole from someone else. later that night a guy came up to me asking how much i wanted for it so i gave a price, this lead to me giving the guy my phone number so he could text me when he had the money to buy the super car off me. The guy i Scammed asked little questions as if the car was mine does the doors lock ect. i then got given the money off the guy anf jumped back into the car and drove off with the already stolen super car. But due to the guy having my phone number he was spamming me with phone calls and the only way i could get around it was turning the phone volume down this also effected me seeing texts from other people around ls due to the caller coming up on my phone screen all the time this went on for almost a hour. im not complaining about him spam calling me it was funny at first and was all within rp the whole situation was. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But my suggestion would be to add a option if possible where you can block phone numbers like in real life where it sends the number to a block list on your phone so if people try calling a person that has them blocked it just wont go through. to stop spam calls like what happened to me last night. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- id love to know people opinions and hope you enjoy the suggestion
  7. no problem mate i understand ill just chill on mute and listen on my phone
  8. i wont be able to make it to tonight's meeting due to being super ill, is there any chance anyone from the staff team is streaming the meeting so i'm able to watch while being sick in bed lmao.
  9. Balla's Tagging Vargos Vehicles *Cant be used for in RP knowledge*
  10. The Balla's are run by the main guy Known as AJ. We are the Balla's and we are a known gang around Los Santos, and are known for their Rivalry with The Families due to a conflict of interests of many years. You can usually notice a Balla members due to the colour clothing that are usually worn which is Purple. We are the Balla's and the motto we use is "Don't fuck with the Ballas, baby! We go out in a blaze!" Yes we are a gang and we do fuck shit up, but we don't do it for no reason! Yes we have rivalry's but we do have respect for what other gangs believe in and there for we do have casual convosation with them when coming across each other if no drama is involved History and known lingo The Balla's are not a gang that start shit for no reason even with the families they try to avoid confrontation as they cant be arsed to deal with the drama, The Balla's will react to situations if threaten as a defence to their reputation. The Balla's also took control over Grove street not long after CJ from The Families left the city which is one reason why there is a rivalry between them and the Families. The Balla's are seen around the entire community of Davis and the surrounding cul-de-sac of Grove Street which is the hottest spot to find members of the Balla's. The terms used by the Balla gang are the following; Playa: Ballas Gang Slang - refers to a friend. Ball-sack/Ball-sacks: Disrespect term Ball-Pushers: Disrespect Term Ball-Suckers: Disrespect Term Ball-less: Disrespect Term Balla: Greeting OG/Original Gangster: A high-ranking, influential and well-respected member. One who has put in a lot of work. FK/Family Killer/Family Killa: Disrespect term used by Ballas for The Families VK/Vago Killer/Vago Killa: Disrespect term used by Ballas for Vagos AK/Azteca Killer/Azteca Killa: Disrespect term used by Ballas for Aztecas Homie/Home Boy/Home Girl: Contemporary street slang - refers to a friend Hood: Neighborhood Main Members Antwan "AJ" Jefferson ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We are looking for more members to gain trust and hopefully become a main respected member of the Balla's Lets us see what you got!!! Don't be scared if you think your good enough at rp and want to rp as a gang member of the balla's hmu and ill be more then happy to have a chat. (This will be changed when new information is decided and new members and important information comes along)