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  1. Was on last night with Cadet Spike and we both randomly lost our health and armor down to a slither of health. Both on separate occasions might be worth checking.
  2. If a police officer or EMS is dealing with the person that would like to kill their character it would be good to have a location to send them to 'heaven'. In the hospital have a circle in which the police / EMS can place the 'dead' character, then the character that wants to die presses a button then it sends them one way to an enclosed space where they cannot escape 'killing' the character. (Button cannot be 'e' as they will respawn at the hospital). That way the police / EMS have peace of mind the character is 'deleted' and cannot be played on again. Cheers, Robbo
  3. Brilliant work from all the development team! Thank you!
  4. We also have a Community Discord for anyone that is interested. See the link below 😄 https://discord.gg/QhMCRTj Cheers, LSLRP Staff Team
  5. Applications are now re-open!
  6. Happy to help where I can pal as always!
  7. Hi all, For those of you that regularly stream the server we would like to host you on the official Los Santos Life Role Play twitch. Simply leave a link to your twitch and we can add you to our host list. Cheers, LSLRP Staff Team
  8. Clip 2: I forgot my seatbelt! CLIP 2
  9. Clip 1: Officer Jones breaking the door! CLIP 1
  10. Hi guys, I regularly stream on the server! Come on over and see what I get up to if you get a spare five minutes. MY CHANNEL I will post my highlights and clips here for everyones enjoyment 😄 Cheers, RobboOnBlaster
  11. Set yourself a profile picture you bellend!

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      Yeah! you bellend!

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  12. For anyone wanting to spread the word of the server please use the following message when advertising: Have you ever dreamed of being part of a motorcycle club? A police officer? A mechanic? Or perhaps a pilot? You can live out your dream today on Los Santos Life Roleplay! Come and create your story on our Grand Theft Auto 5 roleplay server today! Become anything you want to be your only limit is your imagination. Visit our website today: https://lossantosliferp.com/ and join our server:
  13. Hello and a warm welcome from everyone in the Police Force. By joining the police you will be involved in some of the most exciting role play experiences on the server. Before you apply please ensure you meet the following requirements: You're at least 16 years of age You're friendly and professional You work well as part of a team If you are not quite yet 16 you may be interested in becoming a civilian traffic officer (coming soon). PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY Make sure you're signed into the forums Copy the list of questions below Make a new topic and call it your chosen badge number and officer name e.g. L802 - Johnson Answer the questions - Please put effort into it, we won't accept one line responses if the question is appropriate. Submit Please allow us 5 working days for us to respond to you application. Click here to make a new topic COPY THE FOLLOWING ONLY Have you read and understood the server rules? How long have you played on the server? Why do you want to join the police force? What skills and attributes can you bring to the police force? Can you give an example of an interaction you have had with police? What experience, (if any) have you had role playing as a police officer? Are you prepared to be put through the police training program and exam? What do you spend your time doing in real life? Do you have any other comments to add to your application?