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  1. Happy birthday pal

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    Happy birthday Robbo 

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  5. Hahaha! Davis doesn't like to jog 😛 You're a good sport for playing along 😄
  6. As instant coffee goes its up there with the worst. The water even has that scummy layer on the top. The Commissioner definitely needs to buy us a new one. Review by Terry Stevens (ARU Officer)
  7. Just to add to this. There are some points where the police are so busy that they can't respond to everything and some calls may be missed or have a delayed response. In some instances store robberies have had to be ignored due to another scenario elsewhere. Additionally sometimes we are in the process of training someone. There are many ways to commit crimes without the police receiving a call. Just as one example a lot of people speed through the streets everyday because they know we aren't around all of the time. An interesting idea Jeff and keep those ideas coming just not one that I personally agree with. Cheers, Robbo
  8. Hello, We have a few slots remaining for our charity bike ride event happening tomorrow at 19:00 GMT. This will include a cycle ride around the more scenic routes of Los Santos, stopping off at the major police stations with a small party afterwards. Police officers will fill up these slots on the designated server as a priority but civilians are more than welcome to register their interest. Please do so by commenting below. If you are a police officer register interest on the police Discord not here. Please note there may be a shortfall of police on the main server at the time of the event. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Regards, Robbo
  9. Great idea of dispatch guys. It just needs to be flexible and work within our current policing systems.
  10. The picture above is a prime example why I feel I would prefer this wasn't in the game. It just provides people a platform to spread negative comments about people and the police. If someone makes a derogatory remark about someone or threatens someone, the police / government should they wish can obtain that persons details. If people really want the idea to be implemented there should be a way for the police to retrieve the messages to get the name of the person. Just my opinion. Cheers, Robbo
  11. Some interesting points here. The only thing I would say is that there is already a tremendous amount of vehicles in the city that still use illegally tinted windows and the red/blue under glow. Equally the police have a lot to learn when they join the police force. With cars mods the police would things that are black and white. Under glow is an easy one as its either red or it isn't. With a slitter or a spoiler, where to do draw the line? Some cars are inherently wider than others etc so it would be pretty difficult to enforce. If you can give me some easier black / white examples I will be happy to explore this further. Cheers, Robbo
  12. Some interesting ideas here. Traffic Officers have been raised before and I think there is scope to bring this back. Someone from the police force will need to take this on as their responsibility and I will also require some sort of development. I will look into this further. Impounding is down to officer discretion, so they could impound your vehicle if it was used in a bank robbery if they felt like it.