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  1. Hey, playing on the server, I noticed that being a delivery driver can be quite frustrating. The delivery points that you have to go to spawn all over the map. That in itself is fine. What is not fine is that the order in which you have to travel to them is seemingly random and does not make any sense economically either. Sometimes you get send up north, and then have to travel all the way down to LS harbour, before being send to somewhere in Sandy Shores. Your route takes you all over the island, but it's really just wasting your time (and fuel) with the inefficient order. I haven't seen the script that generates these delivery dropoffs for the player. I have a theory it just generates the next one once you drop off one package, and maybe tries to put them close to other players. But maybe it would be better to generate all 15 of them in the beginning and then always send the player to the nearest one. That way the delivery route would feel a lot less random, be more streamlined and therefore more efficient AND more immersive. I mean, you don't see delivery companies bring a package to you, before heading to the next town to deliver a package there, and then come back to deliver a package to your neighbour. Cheers, FreshTheFallen
  2. Looks like the server is already accounting for inflation in this simulated world...
  3. Although I didn't really get to see anything, from what I could read in chat (mostly advert) it sounded really intense! 😄 Was an interesting way to follow to events for sure.
  4. You don't like it when it's cold, but live in Scandinavia? 😄 Fair enough. Welcome o/
  5. That soon? 😄 Might aswell finish work on the character layout then 😄
  6. Thanks for the quick answers 🙂 Is there an ETA on when those rules for flying will be done? Weeks or months?
  7. So... "Hello!" I guess. I recently stumbled across some really fun looking GTA RP videos by a fellow named "BayAreaBuggs" on youtube, and while sometimes a bit silly in those vids, it certainly looked like GTA RP actually can be quite fun. Certainly more than the grindfest that is GTA:O... So I looked at a few ways to maybe get into GTA RP myself, looked at a couple of servers... And here I am! 😄 I'm from Germany, and I do not own or like "Lederhosen", do not drink beer and only occasionally eat Sauerkraut 😉 . As mentioned before I'm new to GTA RP, but I've had my fair share of experience in Altis Life aswell as dozens of different Pen&Paper RP systems. For the record, Dungeon World is superior to every other system PERIOD. Because I do not really know yet what I can and cannot do in GTA RP, and this server in particular, I haven't logged onto the server yet to create some character. I had a few different paths in mind, but some may not really be possible to do, so I hope you folks can help me with questions that arise during play 🙂 Speaking of questions, here are the first few: What exactly can you do on this server? Looking at the videos mentioned above, some servers seem to let you spawn in whatever you need for your RP. I've also seen others, where you have to earn money and pay for everything the hard way, which for me would be rather offputting due to similarities with GTA:O's endless grind. So how is it done on this server? The rule concerning cop baiting confuses me a bit. "I have heard ;)" that some people like playing as criminals, and as such sometimes do like a good police chase for the added intensity. So how does that work in the game? For some of those previously mentioned possible character paths, I'd have to be able to fly helicopters and/or civilian/commercial planes. Some servers don't let civilians fly though, how is it here? Also, is there a need for an EMS helicopter pilot? 😉 Do I have to log in frequently (e.g. once a week for 2hrs) in order to not be banned, or is it a bit more liberate on this server? Are there character slots, or some other way of playing multiple characters, in case I get bored of a character, but don't want to kill it? Thanks for your time, (hopefully) see you in-game o/ Cheers, FreshTheFallen