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  1. Applied Computer Sciences, doing all the crazy computer magic everyone wants ()...
  2. Hm, thought I had done all that, but redid it twice, and its working now :3 Cheers folks.
  3. Hm, thats one of the mods that work in SP, but not in LSLRP for me 😞
  4. Hey, so, nights aren't really dark in GTA. They are merely dark enough for lights to actually do something, but that's about it. I've tried using mods to at least get darker nights on my end to make everything look better, but so far I got none of them to work in LSLRP, they do work in GTA SP though. I do know that the server is blocking most client-side mods. Now someone on the server told me that they were successfully running a night mod, but never gotten around to tell me which one and/or how, so they were either lying or disconnected/caught up in sth. else. So, I'd like to know if there is a mod that works with this server, or if there's a way to whitelist such a mod.
  5. Pfff, what kind of potato is that? Not even HDMI or DP, and it still has a PS/2 port? 4/10, needs more USB Also, thats not how you connect RAM.... 😄
  6. Why is this neccessary, in your opinion? What do you want to achieve with this?
  7. Hey, when I try to get onto the server, FiveM crashes. The crash occurs in the "Session" part of the loading process. The following error is shown: Normally, there are around 3-5 people on the server around this time, so I guess this is not just on my end. Of course that is still possible, and I'm gonna try and troubleshoot this. But just a heads up, in case this is serverside, not clientside.
  8. Why? Well, I might shed some light on that in the near future 😉
  9. Personally I'd like for EMS to have a helicopter for the very serious situations (shootings, severe car accident etc.) 😄 also would like to be able to personally fly that thing then, though unfortunately I haven't been approved as EMS yet, and as of now there is no flying on the server 😞 But generally speaking, I'd love for the EMS to have a faster option available if need be. I don't know how it is other countries, but if need be, in Germany the emergency medic drives in a faster response car, with the transport vehicle getting to the situation seperately. That way the patient can be stabilized and made ready for transport, making the whole process a lot faster in return. Would be great to have sth. like that here aswell, but that would also mean that you need at least 2 EMS on the server for that to work.
  10. I remembered sth. like that from Scrubs... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reflex_syncope And people say TV doesn't teach you anything. That will show them! 😄 Welcome o/
  11. Hey, playing on the server, I noticed that being a delivery driver can be quite frustrating. The delivery points that you have to go to spawn all over the map. That in itself is fine. What is not fine is that the order in which you have to travel to them is seemingly random and does not make any sense economically either. Sometimes you get send up north, and then have to travel all the way down to LS harbour, before being send to somewhere in Sandy Shores. Your route takes you all over the island, but it's really just wasting your time (and fuel) with the inefficient order. I haven't seen the script that generates these delivery dropoffs for the player. I have a theory it just generates the next one once you drop off one package, and maybe tries to put them close to other players. But maybe it would be better to generate all 15 of them in the beginning and then always send the player to the nearest one. That way the delivery route would feel a lot less random, be more streamlined and therefore more efficient AND more immersive. I mean, you don't see delivery companies bring a package to you, before heading to the next town to deliver a package there, and then come back to deliver a package to your neighbour. Cheers, FreshTheFallen
  12. Looks like the server is already accounting for inflation in this simulated world...
  13. Although I didn't really get to see anything, from what I could read in chat (mostly advert) it sounded really intense! 😄 Was an interesting way to follow to events for sure.