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  1. Hello Community! *This is a Suggestion to better the server and is not what directors or staff have decided. This is only to see what you guys think* So as you all may know the white list server is coming soon and I am sure loads of people will want to play. It will be a fresh start for everyone with no factions or super-cars it will just be a new "World" in a way. My question to you guys is when the server gets up and running should we echo reset the public server too. This will give new players a chance to catch up to those with the nice cars. I know a lot of people will want to play on the white list server and leave the public one. In my own opinion I think a full reset will help better everyone in the long run. I know people will be like "I've just spent a month grinding for this car and now your saying i am gonna have to start again." However a wise man once told me "Serious RP" is in the server name if your spending hours on hours trying to get money then how much RP are you getting? This is the first really good RP server I have played and I started with the mind frame of lets just get money as I learnt after a month or so the RP between betters its worth more then a car. This was just an idea let me know what you guys think! Regards Whincup
  2. It Was great to see everything Jamie has done in the city. Watching him grow through different Characters was amazing. He Will be missed. RIP.
  3. Everyone Having a good day?

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      Hell yeah man! You?

    2. Whincup
  4. I know its early can any senior Admins Jump on?

    1. Snoopy


      Best bet to reach someone would be at teamspeak mate, 

  5. Fun times in LS

  6. Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a blast!

  7. Happy Birthday man!