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  1. Wait, are you on about staff doing the dispatch? Not Police Officers?
  2. Sorry pal I thought Monroe was you 😂
  3. It was State Trooper Monroe that did it Tiger, I can't control the actions of the Troopers they have their own command. For LSPD however this is true for the moment. BUT we have made it clear to the persons car whom it was why it happened and I hope he understands.
  4. Unfortunately Rezun, the mechanic to search someone's pockets isn't in game so we couldn't do that even if we wanted to. But yes it was to our expectations. Cya out there.
  5. Hi, I am one of the men in the screenshots you posted above. I may point out in one of the screenshots you posted a report to which I saw the reply from Senior Administrator Jacks that "It is not within the rules." To which it isn't http://www.lossantosliferp.com/#Rules here are the rules so you can see for yourself. We were fully aware that it was low police presence to which we responded in not hurting you physically. We did however shoot the tires of your truck and robbed you for the low price of $6000. To which we fully intended to take more but left as though to keep it somewhat fair on your side. I apologise for any decisions that you thought was not within the rules but it was all completely in the rules state above. Thank you.
  6. Keep it up Berry, hearing very good things matey.
  7. Welcome to the Wolfpack. We are a team of expert drivers whom focus on just that, we serve nobody, we ally nobody but our own. We follow those who pay the most and assist those who offer the best. Rules Of The Pack 1) Never accept a job because of relation/friendship. Always remain impartial and aim for the money we are a business. 2) You must always follow the Wolf Leaders command, he is pack leader or risk being removed. 3) Weakness does not exist, everyone is a target. 4) Never underestimate anyone. 5) When you are on the job, protect the pack before anyone else. 6) Never betray the pack. The Wolfpack started with many goals in mind and have been narrowed down to a specific few adhered to keeping the business side of things from the personal, we have taken into account the pettiness of others and have made decisions regarding that. Never go back on our word, never pick a fight unless paid for it. Team Members Wolf 1 Wolf 2 Wolf 3 Wolf 4 Wolf 5 Wolf 6 Did I mention when you are on the job, names don't matter? The Wolfpack are available for a variety things that as a business man yourself would need... Need a lump sum of cash you know the bank has it but you need to take it by force, you got the guns? Need cars and an experienced wheelman(s) then you know where to look. We offer our services for a fee, modest yet affordable. We are also an organisation of street racers, we have our rivals in this we understand. But with the help of other local businessmen ours will blow you away, with a wide variety of suitor classes to meet your needs we organise our cars by the area of which we race. Got an off-road vehicle? Meet us in Sandy Shores. Got a great handling car? The city is your playground. Your cars top speed over 200? Well, the highways will bend to your wheels. Oh you need a drink? Come down to Tequila La La, we will be waiting. Wolfpack out. ✌️
  8. Natural Vision mod works well mate.
  9. Saying that the starting time is going to be lateish so people can get home from work+trick and treating? Suggestion of about 8pm? So it will end about 10pm?
  10. I love how the gangs are now gangs that are actually in the GTA V universe such as The Lost and The Ballas makes it more authentic. Love this.
  11. My beautiful, precious innocent car... How could you 😥
  12. Allow to make "Anonymous" calls and texts to other players / emergency services. If you want to threat another player in RP you can select an option to make the text/call anonymously... Also with the emergency services you can make a call without having to give your name such as tip offs etc etc!
  13. Still need a couple people to sign up to this if you can help! Husk I will definitely be contacting you about it soon!