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  1. Hello. I just want to ask if it would be possible to make a list of cars that are available maybe some price range so new players wont get scammed when buying car from other players some sort of online spreadsheet that would be accessible in read only form. I know that cars that are not available anymore are pricier than their default value. If you want to leave it only RP based i totally understand, it's just an idea. Not a lot of new players knows about the auto imports and also its not open 24/7 so you cant check the stock or price anytime you want.
  2. Im not experienced in FiveM servers but i do have experience in LUA from my own tibia game server projects. I might look into FiveM server soon after i finish my master's degree. So if you're still looking for someone, i will let you know in October.
  3. There is a lot of great movies. I prefer the older ones. I love the Star Wars trilogy (the old one), The Shawshank Redemption, Seven (fcking amazing psychological drama). Nolan's Batman trilogy. Also i fcking love Grease 😄
  4. Hello i just want to point out that fishing salmons is pretty much useless. Its far away and the payout is like 1k more for 120 of them compared to catfish that ive experienced. So there is no point for driving the extra distance for the salmons. Also you could also add some more spots its actually not that hard in LUA right?