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  1. When L801 comes over the radio and says he's in a chase, or has people at gun point- you open the map and there are 4 or 5 different blips to choose from. Which one is she/he?
  2. Have an alt or hover text over Police Officer blimps on the map to show the officer last name. Also, not sure if this happens or not now, but have blips for police to see EMS locations and vice versa.
  3. It was a tiny little house and there were all kinds of electronics and everything else packed in there. So just think about what you need to consider before installing a server. Space. Temperature. Power. It fit all the bills. When I got back stateside, I did catch a lot of "banter" as you UK'ers would put it. But hey, shit worked... no pun.
  4. Grurk Muouk

    Hunting Guide

    Good stuff! How is this going to work with gunshot notifications for LEOs?
  5. I once installed a Dell R420 behind a toilet at a safe house in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Does that count?
  6. Playlist for Celtic Folk. Usually running in the background when I play. Anything with Scottish bagpipes works too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxjvNUNXhkU&list=RDQMru5RBWzNktM&start_radio=1
  7. There's another one downtown, I forget the name.. Benny's? I caught them open once, keep an eye out you'll find them.
  8. Hi all. IC: Anthony Zippadoro. Recent Transplant from New Jersey. Trying to get out of this working stiff's delivering packages. OOC: Kyle. Pennsylvania, USA. New to all this GTA etc. Long time gamer, roleplayer so this looks really fun to get into.