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  1. Hey, I'm new to the server, just started to play FiveM after a bit of a break 🙂 Love the server. Just wondered if it would be possible to add custom bikes into the server. I have a great passion for bikes and would love to ride round the town on some of the superbikes we have irl 😄 I see most servers and they have all the custom car mods but none have love for custom bikes 😞 It would be good to see these bikes: BMW S1000RR, Kawasaki H2R, also a crosser would be nice like a Kawasaki KX450F! Also, an addition to seatbelts in cars, I think it's a good addition but I also think that you should be able to buckle the seatbelt while you are driving to make it more realistic as you can do this IRL, at the moment your car has to be at a complete stand still just to buckle your seat belt