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  1. Eleven - Onze - Elf - Undici - Elleve?... Okay thats about the extent of it.
  2. I guess my age is going to shine through a little here... And some newer stuff....
  3. Ill be the odd one out, Spirited Away - I end up rewatching it every 2-3 months and doesn't'get old for me.. I guess for a more conventional film... The Green Mile
  4. So I don't know how much of this is possible but here goes. I've been trying to make some money with the Taxi profession but theres a few things I noticed that I feel could use.. improving I suppose. 1) Allow NPC Taxi's, sometimes there just aren't any cabbies on wich essentially leaves you SOL if you happen to be in a remote area. Being forced to run from Chumash to LS is not very fun. 2) Adding onto the previous note, Again I dont know if any of this is in or not but give the player putting in the call a confirmation that their call is accepted/received and/or a cabby is on their way. Or conversely a blip that theres nobody on call at the moment. 3)Improve NPC fares: This is more a unfamiliarity on my part so ignore me if what I am about to say is wrong. Ive tried out the npc pickups a few times now, and it seems to block out player calls (Unless I have been unlucky and nobody has been in need of a cab). There's no way to actually cancel the NPC fares without leaving the cab going out of range and returning to it (Least none that I have found). Another thing I have noticed trying to do these is how .. unfun it is. You drive around hoping the game spawns you a npc fare wich seems to be anywhere from 4 minutes in a populated area to never. Then on the flipside of it the rewards for a NPC fare seem to be busted as well. I got 5k for driving a lady 2 blocks. I guess in short, I would like to see the Taxi profession be more enjoyable to do outside of the social interactions. So when you are on call and you don't get any player fares you can hop into NPC fares till you do actually get a player fare. I know I am fairly new but I figured I would just give my feedback on the experience I have been having on the server so far from a "newbie" perspective and hopefully see things improved for everyone in the process.
  5. So... seeing as a bunch of people have been doing this little topic I guess I will join in. Though for the life of me I do not comprehend why it's a staple on every forum I go to. I'll start with the obvious I suppose, Name's Danny, though I prefer Dan.. Or Kaero.. Or Richard if you go by my in-game character though I imagine most of you don't know me yet. I kinda stumbled upon you guys after mindlessly typing in "GTA:O RP" after getting bored with the extreme tedium that is normal GTA:O and decided I wanted to go a little bit outside of my comfort zone. Let's see what else can we add to this.. I'm from a little county called The Netherlands, or Holland, or that country with legalized pot and working ladies. So, theres a little bit about me I suppose. If curious about anything else don't hesitate to ask. Hopefully I will get to create a great story as Richard Greene finds himself in San Andreas with nothing to his name.
  6. Welcome to the forums mate!

    1. Kaero


      Cheers, hoping to enjoy my time on the server. Though there's alot to figure out.

    2. Snoopy


      Yeah, We have a few guides however if you have any questions or need help im available!