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  2. Good memories with Connor. Back when I still played Mason, I remember Mason walked away from a party as he was feeling scared of the new direction his club was stepping into. Connor simply told him to stop bitching and take responsibility over his people. Which were words he took to heart.
  3. the scores need to be higher aswell with current day economy
  4. Clearly warrants make an issue where the sentence, fine etc becomes way too high. I think a good solution would be level based warrants. For example a witness see a thug stealing a car and the cops get this info, this is a level one warrant on them. This thug works himself up over time, cops almost catch him in a drug deal with the stolen car, he shoots a few times and gets a level two warrant. Then as more and more crimes get witnessed, the more he slips away etc the more his level of warrant and total fine and sentence comes into play. It might be hard to adjust its prices, months etc but could work in a fair way. The level would drop after sitting their sentence, and if they get arrested again for similar crimes they'll jump back to the same level or higher.
  5. Thanks to everyone who was involved with the club. Sad to say I'm putting an end to it, but good times never last. I'm going to try find something new, and make something out of it. Up until I got a idea for what's next, you won't be hearing much from me.
  6. Hello, I am at college exactly for this kinda stuff. Hit me up soon and we'll make a full plan Previous work for lslrp:
  7. The Rules: - Any car goes but imports - 5k Entry price - No Dirty racing - Cheating=Disqualified - Be a good sport - Spectating is free - Please don't go on the circuit mid race The Race: - 3 laps The Event: At the meeting spot I will try provide a DJ, nice looking cars and mechanics. Food will also be provided and there is security at the location that will ensure safety. It would make for both a fun event to spectators and racers. There will be practice rounds so you can change cars for the final event. How to sign up: Simply reply to the post with Full name: Steam name: Car of choice: Price: [CLASSIFIED] Date: up for discussion
  8. I know it'll come as a big surprise to you all the Midnight Club games have a special place in my heart. Such great arcade racers. Thight as hell gameplay, great customisation and fun characters. Especially Midnight Club LA, which has Rockstars trademark story telling and acting integrated into a amazing racer. Midnight Club LA may is a few steps down from Midnight Club 3, but in alot of ways big steps up aswell. Sadly though, the 2008 release was also the last.
  9. I think one probably with the poll is the fact that there's character types that won't lose much by this reset. Midnight Club's life style revolves around vehicles and vehicle's only. And I'm sure there's other factions that live certain life styles that require money. I don't care about losing the cash so much, but I do care about the events I won't be able to do anymore. Events with prices, car auctions etc. There's people who don't need personal items at all, such as police. For this to be fair, there should be a reset in ranks to an extend for police officer's aswell if you don't want to make this one sided.
  10. I don't know about this one. I've grinded for a long time making a detailed car collection, and Midnight Club is only just about to become better. Feel like that progress would be lost. I don't know if I'd be able to find the motivation to rebuild or get a new character to the top.
  11. You're gonna need bouncers aswel mate.
  12. Midnight Club Saturday Car Meet. Thanks to all for showing on Saturdays car meet. I really enjoyed the massive variety of cars and amount of people showed up. Additionally the rising popularity of bikes showing is something I'm really happy with. The contest was great, and people were behaving really well. Additionally the pre meet drift session and after meet drift session was really fun with those involved. The drift tandem was amazing. Massive shout-out to @Ashjones for winning the bidding and then giving the car to Jamie Smith, someone who really wanted it. Additionally thanks to the Remants for their services and repairing cars when needed. The event lasted for about 1 hour. Here's pictures made by @Strielka at the meet. Big shout-out to him for helping me while I get my recording software to work again!
  13. Anything from the 70s, 80s, 90s or 2000's Is Welcome. Specifically looking for a Obey Omnis and/or Tropos Rally.
  14. Mason is drowning in his own mistakes and guilt. Big changes are coming soon.