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  1. I don't know about this one. I've grinded for a long time making a detailed car collection, and Midnight Club is only just about to become better. Feel like that progress would be lost. I don't know if I'd be able to find the motivation to rebuild or get a new character to the top.
  2. You're gonna need bouncers aswel mate.
  3. Midnight Club Saturday Car Meet. Thanks to all for showing on Saturdays car meet. I really enjoyed the massive variety of cars and amount of people showed up. Additionally the rising popularity of bikes showing is something I'm really happy with. The contest was great, and people were behaving really well. Additionally the pre meet drift session and after meet drift session was really fun with those involved. The drift tandem was amazing. Massive shout-out to @Ashjones for winning the bidding and then giving the car to Jamie Smith, someone who really wanted it. Additionally thanks to the Remants for their services and repairing cars when needed. The event lasted for about 1 hour. Here's pictures made by @Strielka at the meet. Big shout-out to him for helping me while I get my recording software to work again!
  4. Anything from the 70s, 80s, 90s or 2000's Is Welcome. Specifically looking for a Obey Omnis and/or Tropos Rally.
  5. Mason is drowning in his own mistakes and guilt. Big changes are coming soon.
  6. Shout-out to everyone involved with Mason today. Great role-playing today. From Mason breaking down, to Schlomo motivating him to get back up to the shootout at the Strip Club. After that, the execution and that hunt on the bike thief. Loved the deal with the Capone's aswell. Additionally, Denny's accident and all characters around it were great, top notch rp today lads 👌
  7. Yes, a few restaurants would be nice. Great places to talk business.
  8. Looking for these car's still, but adding those two American classics to my wishlist for the collection. Hit me up. 555344665.
  9. 10/10 suggestion. Sick of people bringing expensive cars to Derby's or people racing dirty with 400k cars. Who in their right mind would crash super cars into each other to win a race with a bet lower then the repair costs? I think that having it be in the garage with damage would best btw. I think it'd be really nitpicky to have to go back to a shop after I only scratch my rear bumper. +1
  10. I've seen alot of new players struggle starting, mainly in regards of travel. What I'd recommend is that maybe the scooter price gets lowered drastically to a realistic price. (The Vespa and Faggio) That way players will be able to buy something cheap to get around town straight away. Another thing that might be nice would be a tutorial when you create your first character, just one that explains why the map isn't there, how to configure your voice and one that tells you to walk to the job centre. I'm not sure if that'd be hard to script, but I think it'd have alot of people staying. There's quite often people who are too afraid to ask for help and they leave after a few minutes of being unable to figure it out.
  11. Happy birthday!

  12. This is the finest art I have ever seen
  13. I enjoyed todays rp with Kuzma Petrov, Frank Capone and another Capone I keep forgetting the name of. It was a cool and serious moment that was a bit tense. One of my guys, Strielka had fucked up big time, by shooting both a petrov and a capone. What followed was Mason being asked to get him over- He obliged on account of keeping him alive but with people like them he assured there would be back up ready. He called in the Connor brother's aswell in his text to Strielka, if they'd hear shots or it would get awfully quiet for the Connor brother's, they'd come in to resolve the situation. Thankfully though, it wouldn't go that far as Strielka was let go. Mason was glad, if he had to send his guy to save Strielka, they'd be in a war with two big gangs.
  14. Hey everyone! Hope you guys enjoy the Midnight Rework and reveal. I'm glad to say we can now start fresh after some long thinking and hard work from my team. It cost me alot of time, and I'm happy with the results. Have a good night 🙂

    1. Snoopy


      Did something similar when I was the leader of the petrov family.