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  1. I have suppored this idea when Twoggy started it and I will support it now when you did. I think a reset would be nice alongside with some economy changes, so that every second car you see on road won't be a bloddy lambo or 10mil super car. I know many people worked really hard for what you have, etc. But the amount of stuff you have doesn't define how good of a roleplayer you are. If someone has 20 mil in a bank account, that doesnt make him the best roleplayer in our server. It's your peronality and your reaction to different situations that makes your roleplay style unique and special. The way you talk to people, apporach them, get to know them is what gets your character known in the city. The way you party, spend free time, laugh with people will determine if people like to hang around with you. All the traits I mentioned above don't have any materialistic factor to them, yet they can make you the most popular person on server. Personally I would rather RP with someone who I know I will have fun with and experience unique situations, then with someone who own 10 super cars, has 20 mil in bank account and 5 mil on hand but doesn't know how to do "deep" RP. The whole point of my message is that even if you lose everything on the wipe, it doesn't mean that your RP skils and traits magically disspered. It just means that we will all start once again at the bottom and work our way up while making completly new friends and meeting all the new characters 😄
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  4. Idea has been accepted. Currently looking into creating two functions. One will disable all ooc chats (ooc, looc) but will keep all in-character stuff (tweet, ad, me, do, am, etc.). Second one will be to disable chat entirely except for (AM and announcements, also AC and reports for staff members).
  5. I like this idea. It's gonna be brought up to the dev team for discussion
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    I have to agree with Kronus on this one. In my opinion you shouldn't love or own a car just because it can outrun police officers. Personally I only own vehicles that I personally like in-game and in real life. I like them because of design, the power they have and the handling. And even if any of these stuff gets nerfed/changed, it's never to the point where the vehicle becomes useless, unless you are only using it to outrun law enforcement, which I really hope isn't the case 👍
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  12. Update 1.1.8e Hotfix: Fixed the bug with Z menu not showing up
  13. Update: 1.1.8c Added: Vending Machines Fixed: Water drinking animation