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  1. Cock Bucket - This a a bad product in my opinion. You get 12 pieces of chicken and it costs $20. The chicken is dry and you get no sauce with it which is poor. 4/10 from i say dont get ! It is only good when you give it to your lover cus you kinda love them but don’t at the same time.
  2. Best moment i have seen live so glad i clipped that 10/10 moment !
  3. Hell yh man dont get to many man
  4. Cock Pancakes - This is a popular item on the menu it cost $4 and you get 4 cock pancakes. Its nice chicken cooked in pancakes as so its hella good man. you can get syrup or extra d sauce for FREE with it so it even better man as so it gets a 10/10. ~ Shaq Lee
  5. Mexican Cock Burrito - One of my favs from Lucky Plucker it costs $2 and is vey big….. It has great flavour and is full of nice shit like chicken, beans and some rice looking shit. 9/10 man not 10 cus not sauce with it and so it get dry and you have to buy a large soda. ~ Shaq Lee
  6. Watching the show for the third time. Its so fucking good
  7. Shaq should be the end goal..........
  8. That is the best moment in Shaq's history xD
  9. Ezek

    Taxi Job [Episode 1]

    Hell yh man