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  1. I miss Bob where has he been?! Nice post Wrighty 😄
  2. Looks like Chuck had fun putting out fires 😄 Shame he starts them too.. 😉
  3. Kazza

    Happy birthday ❤🎉

  4. Welcome and I hope you have fun playing here 🙂
  5. Nooo dont do it 😢
  6. Well her hair was satisfied earlier 😉
  7. Welcome Patch, glad you are having fun and enjoying yourself on the server 🙂
  8. In all my time in RP, I don't think the death of a character has ever affected me so much. Connor was such a major part in Carrie-Anne's life, he taught her many things and changed her views on a lot of stuff. Without Connor, Carrie-Anne would not be where she is today. It truely was a pleasure to be apart of such amazing RP with you as Connor. He will be missed dearly ❤️
  9. Kazza


    Welcome, hope you are having fun on the server and if you need anything please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff