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  1. Kazza


    Houses are bugged like that, you need to leave one by one if you try to leave at the same time the blue circle will disappear and people will get stuck in the house. Also don't log out in houses as I believe you get stuck in the house when you log back in hope this helps
  2. Get yourself a Mexican Cock Burrito then go next door to the Ring of Fire and add some extra hot chilli sauce to it
  3. Also don't try to enter or leave at the same time
  4. As far as I am aware you can share house keys with people, so if you did own a house you could share the keys with her. (Forgive me if I am wrong)
  5. Kazza


    Hahaha Inflatable Giraffe Technician 😉
  6. Hahahaha this sure did make my day
  7. Kazza


    Well thought I'd follow the trend and say a little something. I first started RPing on Arma3 servers about 4 years ago and about a year ago started to focus more on work and stopped playing games altogether, a few months ago a friend told me about a GTAV RP server he played on and told me to check it out. Ever since then I have got back into gaming and have loved and continued to play this server. Many of you already know me ingame as CarrieAnne Cox however for those who don't know me, you can find me ingame either on my own bike or on the back of someone elses bike. Hope to see you all ingame
  8. +1 great roleplay given by Morgan and Dean
  9. Welcome Jamie, always see you in a different car most days 😄