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  1. Well, something that has been around on most forums is that were going to count to 1.000.000 however people usually give up around 100 ish. How far can we count? Rules, You can not count multiple times in a row. Good luck.
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    Ive been playing with arduinos for a while now, love it. Anyone else? if so what have you made
  3. Snoopy


    Aliexpress has a lot of parts cheap. Get a fake arduino instead of a real one. Same thing just 90% less cost's
  4. We are always on the look for candidates to participate in our helper team, as our community is growing in rapid rates. Different from other communities, our helper recruitment is solely based on personality, recognition and effort. There is no application to process in order to achieve a specific role. The helpers primarily duties are to assist players wherever they can. This role is given to players who have been recognized for their effort when its comes to assisting players on the server, ts, discord & forums. Hopefully this should be helpful for those of you wondering how to become a helper! Kind Regards, LSLRP STAFF TEAM
  5. Daym sexy ass photo, 10/10 

    A LOT of effort has clearly been put into this amazing piece of art!!!!

    Snoopy over there fishing for thots 😂😍

  6. Almost 600 members in just a few months, Jeez 

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    2. Itz Nebulaa

      Itz Nebulaa

      Well every Staff Member does there best to make us happy and it works. Thanks Snoopy and Staff!

    3. Zero Two

      Zero Two

      Stop creating bot accounts Snoopy, we both know that there is only 12 actual humans on this site

    4. Snoopy


      Thank, we try our best! Much Love  @Itz Nebulaa @Sparky

      @Zero Two Shhh, dont tell em


  7. Welcome to the Island / City !
  8. Server updates by the devteam: New Loading screen Added Snowballs Usable Ski lift to mount Chiliad
  9. Fresh picture 

  10. What an introduction! Welcome to our server and I'm sure you will enjoy your time here.
  11. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  12. old disney is the only good cartoon
  13. Never been a fan of battle royale. Its stupid how even Cod as battle royales now
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    Lumberjack Guide