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  1. Well, something that has been around on most forums is that were going to count to 1.000.000 however people usually give up around 100 ish. How far can we count? Rules, You can not count multiple times in a row. Good luck.
  2. Thanks for the report, sounds a bit fishy. Could you provide with some details information. Provide the house name How long time did you spend in the house did you relogg whilst inside the house? What did you do in the house You cloud also have used /report or come to ts to have a staff member teleport you out.
  3. Id like all jewelry to cost between 100k to 1 million. This would make it cool to wear it as a slight flex.
  4. Snoopy

    My setup

    I saw the first 2 pictures, and i was amazed. then the lights came on. 😂😂
  5. Youre not a legend unless you played this game, no discussion 



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      Whats this?

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      I never played the game, but I enjoyed the movies. Is that a special storm trooper? Not seen him yet!

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      @Montana @Sparky none of you deserve an account on this forum!

  6. Happy birthday mate!

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      Thank you snoopy


  7. Happy Birthday!

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    (SOLD) // Autarch

    The image link needs to end with a picture format like (url.jpg,url.png,url.gif) you can achieve this by uploading to imgur. Or simply copy and paste an image in.
  9. Your interests made me laugh haha

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      No like please..... form a fucking line if you want a picture like honestly....

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      @SnoopyWould be up for that 10/10

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      YASSS @Ashliegh MAMA GET THAT -egg plant emoji-

  10. Awesome, however I don't need a back command. I only go forward 😎
  11. Cant think of any questions, Welcome anyways!
  12. @Ashjones is our best plastic surgeon,
  13. My goal for 2019 is to have 69 forum followers, if i ever reach that point dont you dare to follow me!

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      But then I will un-follow him 😉 

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      Then I'll refollow him and hope you don't 😂

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      Touche xD 

  14. 300 post Heel yeaah

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      What can I say

  15. Welcome buddy, Feel free to msg me if you have any questions!
  16. Hey, i understand your concern and i always appreciate feedback. We are working on finding the right balance and you might see some prices going up and some down. We are taking steps in an attempt to have a more realistic and roleplay promoting economy, this wont be possible if everyone is millionaires.
  17. Topic moved This is an in character post about a service. Great post tho
  18. I wish you a happy birthday.


    Even doe u most likely wont read this 😛

  19. The teamspeak domain "ts.lossantosliferp.com" has been changed to point users who connect to our new Linux hosted teamspeak server. Some of you will be able to connect now whilst some of you cant. it can take a while for this to change on a global scale. 

  20. Happy birthday! 

  21. Happy Birthday

  22. Website updates Added Facebook, Instagram buttons
  23. Hey guys, forgot the love / Like reaction.

    Chihuahua hotdog is from now on the reaction represents the most positivism, Love and like!

  24. Short Background story Petrov family is a family that origins from Russia. The family founder is unknown however the current boss is Dimitri Petrov. He used to work as an mechanic before he was sent back to Russia. Kuzma and Dimitri wanted a better life for the Petrov family, so they decided to bring them all to Los Santos. This was a turning point for the petrov family and for the citizens of Los Santos. The Petrov´s is the only distributor of liquor in Los Santos, However they also have other businesses that needs to be kept a secret. About Petrov´s The main reason why this family was created was to help out the solo´s from larger groups and cartels. Therefore we do not permit any of our members to commit crimes towards a solo player. The Petrov´s has a long lasting history with the LSPD and therefore we dont support any of our members to use their advantage as a larger group to gain advantage over any police members. We want other citizens to think of the Petrov family as a friend, We want people to look at us the nice guys. That being said we do not tolerate harassment from any citizens no matter what faction their in. So you should think twice before doing something dumb, You dont want to end up as shark bait. Do you? We have a huge mansion in the hills where topless girls tend use our sun beds every now and then. This house is used as a safe house when we want some time off or if we are having a business meeting with another faction. We own a small pier on the south side where we dock and refuel our tug boat when its not transporting goods from Russia to Los Santos. How can I apply for this faction? I have decided to make this family a invite only faction so that i can be assured that the Petrov´s will deliver high quality role-play at al time. I expect every member of this family to act in a mature manner, a part of this is to be aware of the server rules and also being able to answer every question from OUR HANDBOOK. Please send me a message on the forum or teamspeak if you would like to show interest in joining this family. We only accept mature and active people in out family. Meeting Schedule We have a meeting every Sunday where we discuss issues and set a plan for what we want do change in the future. Promotions and important information will be a part of the meeting so it is important that every members attend to this meeting. The meeting takes place in our teamspeak channel every Sunday at 20:00 GMT. You need to contact Dimitri Petrov if you can't attend the meeting otherwise you might get a warning or even a removal. Recruitment status: OPEN Send Veiko a private message if you would like to join Family Members: 9 Veiko Petrov - Boss Donovan Petrov - Under Boss Anatoly Petrov - Consultant Ivan Petrov - Soldier Vitaly Petrov - Soldier Markov Petrov - Soldier Andrey Petrov - Soldier Nikita Petrov - Soldier Arkady Petrov - Soldier