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  1. Thanks for the report, sounds a bit fishy. Could you provide with some details information. Provide the house name How long time did you spend in the house did you relogg whilst inside the house? What did you do in the house You cloud also have used /report or come to ts to have a staff member teleport you out.
  2. Id like all jewelry to cost between 100k to 1 million. This would make it cool to wear it as a slight flex.
  3. Snoopy

    My setup

    I saw the first 2 pictures, and i was amazed. then the lights came on. 😂😂
  4. Youre not a legend unless you played this game, no discussion 



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    2. Sparky


      Whats this?

    3. Montana


      I never played the game, but I enjoyed the movies. Is that a special storm trooper? Not seen him yet!

    4. Snoopy


      @Montana @Sparky none of you deserve an account on this forum!

  5. Happy birthday mate!

    1. Patch


      Thank you snoopy


  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Snoopy

    (SOLD) // Autarch

    The image link needs to end with a picture format like (url.jpg,url.png,url.gif) you can achieve this by uploading to imgur. Or simply copy and paste an image in.
  8. Your interests made me laugh haha

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    2. Ashliegh


      No like please..... form a fucking line if you want a picture like honestly....

    3. Kronus


      @SnoopyWould be up for that 10/10

    4. AlysonBish


      YASSS @Ashliegh MAMA GET THAT -egg plant emoji-

  9. Awesome, however I don't need a back command. I only go forward 😎
  10. Wanna buy some hot dogs? 😂

    1. Snoopy


      Only if their chihuahua hotdogs hahhaah

    2. Sparky


      I got all kinds of dogs mate 😂

  11. 499....

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    2. Snoopy


      video or it didnt happend

    3. Snoopy


      oh well i guess u were correct i dindt know that 😛


    4. Sparky


      You guys are trolls 😂

  12. Cant think of any questions, Welcome anyways!
  13. @Ashjones is our best plastic surgeon,
  14. My goal for 2019 is to have 69 forum followers, if i ever reach that point dont you dare to follow me!

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    2. Sparky


      But then I will un-follow him 😉 

    3. nada


      Then I'll refollow him and hope you don't 😂

    4. Sparky


      Touche xD