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  1. Hey buddy, There is currently a bug with the "hourly" pay check. Please read following topic.
  2. Full Name - Dave Black Age - Unknown Born - Unknown Job - Bottle collector Family - Unknown Full detailed character bio - Dave Black is an afro American bottle collector, He has dedicated his life to clean the streets of Los Santos. There are no records of his birth or any relatives, He has no clue when his birthday is and as no memory of any family members other than his "family" under the bridge near Mission Row PD. Dave has been seeking a form of love in his local church the past decade, He new the world was going to collapse and claims the zombie apocalypse is gods will.
  3. Where did you find that logo? Back in the 80s? 😂😂

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      Nice logo. Almost as nice as QA's... almost

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      Nice vintage look 👌🏼 

  4. Every single job @Ashjones. Also cops don't get reports when mechanics fire their guns.
  5. i cant tell if this is a picture from a club house or the naked camp cult 🤣😂
  6. Ah ok my bad, I assumed u were talking abut the forums.