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  1. Im not dead guys, chill 

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      had me worried a bit snoop dog 

  2. Hello everyone. This is the section where you can apply to move assets from one character to another. This will allow staff to easily track what has been given from one person to another. You must have an RP reason to transfer the assets to a different character. If accepted you will be messaged on the forums to speak to an in-character lawyer. If declined, you will be given a reason and be told if you will be eligible to retry Click here to apply!
  3. This wallpaper is next level


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      Looks good man 😂

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      Fo Shizzle Dizzle

    3. Snoop The Noob
  4. Any security guards or lawyers in the city? theese links might be for you!



  5. Happy birthday

  6. almost 20k yheeez

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  8. Happy Birthday!

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