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  1. Shreds Visual Mod is one of the best for sure I can't recommend it enough had it for a long time now, Shaders are optional I personally don't use them because I think they cause more issues but the base mod is great! Excellent Guide again. @DENZSTOU
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    F.A.Q Guide

    @DENZSTOU Quality guide just to add you can also do /engine to toggle your engine on and off now
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    List of Emotes

    @Kazza Updated this topic since I have added more commands
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  7. As the new public drug system has been put in place this means you can harvest marijuana and sell it. In order to do this there is a few steps. As time goes on I will further continue to update this if anything is changed. Part 1: Harvesting In order to harvest you must first find the weed location. If you don’t want to go look for it and find it yourself ask around there’s always going to be someone to help you. Once you have found the location here you will be able to harvest some pure weed buds you can harvest 10 at a time just walk up to the point and press E and you should begin harvesting. After the message has disappeared and you have stopped picking you will have weed in your inventory. Part 2: Packaging Packaging is found relatively close to the harvest location. Same thing applies walk up to the location press E and you will begin packaging if you receive the message “You do not have enough bags” this means you do not have any weed in your inventory so you therefore have nothing to package so go harvest some weed. Packaging weed turns it into weed packages this is used to sell to the local dealer spot later. Step 3: Selling There are currently two ways of selling weed. 1. Selling to the local dealer spot, this is a spot on the map you will have to find here you sell your packages of weed to the weed dealer for a low risk of getting caught however the payout is much less as it follows the risk to reward ratio. 2. Selling to local NPCs, this method of selling offers a much greater reward but at a much higher risk. Please note You can not sell packages of weed to the locals in order to sell to them you just keep the weed in it’s purest form freshly picked from the harvest spot. This means you do not need to package to sell to them. Once you have pure weed in your inventory you should be able to walk up to locals roaming the streets and sell to them by pressing H. Be warned not every local is interested and some will snitch on you to the police so be ready to keep wary of your surroundings and always be strategic. Finally happy dealing.
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  11. EZ-EK sounds like a number 1 rapper name

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    The word of the month: SAUCE!

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    Lumberjack Guide

    Cool guide, thanks for the effort you put into this!
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    Hunting Guide

    For now don’t be alarmed for an increased amount of gunshots in that area up in the hills, I’m looking into to it so if it was possible we could reduce the notifications up in that area. EDIT: To add to this the hunting is only in a small area of the hills so anything outside of that area should still be treated as normal.