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  1. It’s actually stupidly difficult to be able to cater for both keyboard and controllers. With keyboards we can have tons of different key presses however they are all mixed up with controllers so there is always going to be a conflict. And a majority of people don’t use controllers so it’s never really been a focus here. Hopefully this helps with those who want to use controllers.
  2. Moved this to Guides, since it isn’t really a suggestion but more of a tutorial.
  3. Really helpful nice guide, I’ve pinned the topic.
  4. Kronus

    F.A.Q Guide

    I’ve pinned the topic, so it doesn’t get lost. Really useful!
  5. Thanks again for that donation, we really appreciate it!

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      Maverick, Indeed is an OG.

  6. Glad it helped!
  7. How to get rid of the new FiveM launcher Music: So some of you may have noticed that in the update today FiveM put some Arena War music into their launcher. It's really loud and there is no setting to turn it off. Here is how to get rid of it. 1. Launch FiveM 2. Bring up your F8 menu 3. Type in the console: tbhidonotlikethearenawarthemeandrockstarcommittedcrimesagainsteverything 1 4. Enjoy not having music Looks like it's a joke but it's for real the only way to get rid of that music. So just copy and paste that string into your F8 menu and there you go no music. This disables it forever from what I can tell. It is now a setting in the FiveM Launcher under the "Settings Tab"
  8. Kronus

    F.A.Q Guide

    Glad to see this is being kept updated so well! Awesome work @Denzstou
  9. Shreds Visual Mod is one of the best for sure I can't recommend it enough had it for a long time now, Shaders are optional I personally don't use them because I think they cause more issues but the base mod is great! Excellent Guide again. @DENZSTOU
  10. Thank you for supporting the server.

  11. Kronus

    F.A.Q Guide

    @DENZSTOU Quality guide just to add you can also do /engine to toggle your engine on and off now
  12. Kronus

    List of Emotes

    @Kazza Updated this topic since I have added more commands
  13. Thank you for the donation!

  14. Thank you

  15. Happy birthday

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      Thanks Kronus 🙂

  16. Thank you for that donation! It really helps to keep us running 

  17. EZ-EK sounds like a number 1 rapper name

  18. @Snoopy 

    The word of the month: SAUCE!

  19. Ey you joined animated gif profile gang now you just need a banner!

  20. Love the Christmas profile!

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      fight me pussy

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      You wanna get punched

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      That profile song ❤️

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    Lumberjack Guide

    Cool guide, thanks for the effort you put into this!
  22. Kronus

    Hunting Guide

    For now don’t be alarmed for an increased amount of gunshots in that area up in the hills, I’m looking into to it so if it was possible we could reduce the notifications up in that area. EDIT: To add to this the hunting is only in a small area of the hills so anything outside of that area should still be treated as normal.
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