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  1. Shreds Visual Mod is one of the best for sure I can't recommend it enough had it for a long time now, Shaders are optional I personally don't use them because I think they cause more issues but the base mod is great! Excellent Guide again. @DENZSTOU
  2. Thank you for supporting the server.

  3. Kronus

    F.A.Q Guide

    @DENZSTOU Quality guide just to add you can also do /engine to toggle your engine on and off now
  4. Kronus

    List of Emotes

    @Kazza Updated this topic since I have added more commands
  5. Thank you for the donation!

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  7. 300 post Heel yeaah

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      What can I say

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      Thanks Kronus 🙂

  10. Thank you for that donation! It really helps to keep us running 

  11. Hey Kronus i purchased a super computer for you, hopefully this will help you with some dev stuff.



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  12. That’s a pretty sharp looking profile!

  13. EZ-EK sounds like a number 1 rapper name

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    The word of the month: SAUCE!

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