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  1. There is no issues with /getcars. If it says you don’t have enough money on you then you must not have had enough cash in your wallet. The payment is taken from your wallet rather than bank. This isn’t necessarily a bug. Moved to archive.
  2. 1.2.5a Added: A few new animation commands. See @Kazza guide here:
  3. Kronus

    List of Emotes

    @Kazza Updated this topic since I have added more commands
  4. Changelog: Added: Pillbox Hill Hospital Interior Added: Discord Rich Presence Intergration Added: Improved Notification style Added: Updated ymaps Added: EUP Long Sleeve LSPD Uniform Added: EMS /getid command Added: Flares added to EMS Loadout Added: Wait timer to switching characters too quickly Added: Timer to getting healed Changed: Units names are now shown instead of ID's for police and ems Changed: Vehicle can't be repaired while on fire Fixed: Unit blips now sync on the server Fixed: Issue with housing Fixed: Issue with switching characters Fixed: Issue with Car Dealership 1.2.5a Added: A few new animation commands.
  5. Yeah I've heard good things about it
  6. Kronus


    To meme or not to meme that is the question
  7. I really enjoy Viking’s I stopped watching it after season 3 and forgot to get back into it need to start watching it again for sure
  8. For now don’t click and drag as it seems to look like your dragging the element off the screen causing a bug to occur I’ll look into what could be causing this.
  9. Some great tv shows you mentioned there
  10. I could never get into Game of Thrones always wanted to but the amount of seasons there are puts Me off 😂
  11. I’ve never actually played Rainbow Six Siege
  12. Kronus


    Yeah not sure about it Myself
  13. Post what TV Series you have been watching below. Personally I’ve been watching After Life and This Time they are great series I recommend them both.