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  1. Yes, we are unable to do it at the moment as the current phone system cannot support this feature without having to recompile it, will look at it more some time in the future @Sparky
  2. I think I’ve said this before @Ashjones if I’m not mistaken I think it’s a good shout.
  3. Kronus

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    @Sparky We have spoken about driving licenses a few times I believe and all times they have been voted against due to the fact that it feels like a pain to have to do a drivers test and it’s never quite accurate and we can’t really stop people from driving cars without one. @Jeff Some really good ideas I will comment my opinions on them when I get some free time to thoroughly read them
  4. Club Owner, Yeet

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      You know it ya yeet

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    I got up to Season 3/4 then honestly forgot to keep watching it with how busy I got, I absolutely love the show though and will certainly get back into it soon.
  6. I think I saw this somewhere else personally I don’t like the idea of catching colds and what not however a full triage system would be fairly interesting, there’s been lots of ideas submitted and i will certainly take it back to the team and see what we like. Great suggestion
  7. Firstly no problem we are always here to listen to opinions. The server is UK based so a lot of the players are also UK based so you would be correct. We do try our best to accommodate for as many time zones as we can but we can’t always guarantee people will be online. Of course people like to be rich but you don’t need it to have a good experience. Take a look at my character Lenny all his money is tied up in his business he lives out of his trusty mobile home which he takes everywhere with him he’s never had a penny to his name properly and I still have some of the best roleplay as him. The fact is money doesn’t make RP work it just aids you to buy things for your character and it really depends on your character. Some people want to RP being a millionaire I get that but like I said there’s better opportunities for RP than grinding jobs.
  8. It’s all good mate I’ll discuss it with the team anyhow
  9. Blindfolds maybe, cable ties I think we have spoken about and it got voted against because of the abuse that could happen.
  10. Firstly, thank you for the suggestions! 1. I personally don't like the idea of prison buses, firstly we would need an officer available constantly to do this and it would constantly promote breakouts. 2. I think we have spoken about this before and we disagreed on it because again it would just promote constant negative RP. 3. I agree 4. I like the idea although I would change somethings
  11. 1. There's more than enough people to do the Taxi job I've never had an issue getting one. 2. It's not about money. You're on a role play server if your here just to have flash cars and money then you are in the wrong place. When have you ever seen a garage at a jail? If anything it brings more activity to the jobs which means you gain income from doing them. In life if you damage your car your gonna have to pay for it you can't just magically go to another city and take your car out. I understand there has to be a balance between realism and it being in a game however I feel the current garage system has been very generous to players and I have seen plenty of other places adopting similar features.
  12. That's not necessarily correct. We have the Taxi Job for a reason and I don't think a garage at a prison is realistic at all. And there can always be an option to transfer vehicles from garage to garage for a price, we used to have a similar system before.