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  1. Update 1.1.4b Added: Police can now impound vehicles. Added: Police can now crush vehicles.
  2. Kronus


    I brought this up a few weeks ago, let’s just wait and see what’s in the works.
  3. This topic was already some what spoke of here.
  4. As Snoopy said the fuel is RPM based. Meaning if your speeding down from sandy to legion your fuel usuage is going to be a lot more. The previous fuel system beforehand was practically useless you could drive at like 100 mph everywhere you go and basically never need to fill up.
  5. Update 1.1.4a Fixed issue with job vehicles not spawning with full fuel
  6. Really like this idea I’ll take a look into it
  7. The faction ids are used for when a faction has an in game system for their faction so for example the black market requires you to be part of that faction to actually use it, same goes for the chopshop you need to be in that faction to use it. The chopshop is ran by a single faction however yes you will be able to do business with them in roleplay.
  8. I firmly believe that AMD have completely up’ed their game. I’ve used AMD for many years in the past however I do believe after switching to Intel they still have some way to go. AMD’s multi tasking performance is great especially with all those cores, but when it comes to intel their gaming performance all around is unbeaten. I think it really depends on your usuage for me I don’t do a lot of gaming so raw gaming performance is not everything but for now I’d still choose intel.
  9. This was not reported to me? I think you mean @Gucci_Millian
  10. Updates by @Kronus NOTE: The following features listed below will be available after the next restart Added: Better fuel system. You need to get out of your car and be near the petrol pump to start filling with gas. Added: Spike strips to police menu. Added: Purchase-able scuba gear. Added: Scuba Gear to police equipment. Added: SASP Porche Added: SASP BMW Added: SASP Bugatti Veyron Added: Chopshop (Ran by a single faction) Added: Weazel News Faction. Added: Better Logging. Added: Faction ID's. Change: Moonshine locations moved Fixed: Backend code issues. Various: Code improvements.
  11. This seems to be more of a hit or miss, some people have issues some don’t, I know my terrible laptop that I barely use can run FiveM fine but my main pc doesn’t seem to like it at all. FiveM doesn’t use the same networking for GTA and actually run everything in the single player mode, perhaps it’s a bad connection to our node I know when my connection is lacking which is most days I get bad performance. There are many factors to what it could be and it’s best to troubleshoot them. I’m actively tracking bad resource performance and making tweaks to server optimisation quite frequently but I haven’t seen any resource frametime warnings recently so I’d like to say it isn’t that.
  12. Update 1.1.3a Fixed bug with EMS Vehicle
  13. Updates by @Kronus, @Ashjones and @DTiger NOTICE: The below features will be available from the next restart. I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who worked on this update! There's plenty more to come soon! So keep your eyes peeled! General updates: - Some electric vehicles have been tweaked, other ones have been improved on their handling and speed. - Faction System fixed - Black Market is back in the city. (Faction only) (Ran by one faction) Police related: - Police seize bug fixed. - BCSO and SASP now have custom clothes. - Ford Raptor is now available for BCSO and SASP. - BMW R1200RT is now available for LSPD, BCSO AND SASP as a Police Bike. - The Crown victoria police vehicle is replaced with a new one, handling has been improved. - Ford Taurus police vehicle is now fixed. - Made Exclusive San Andreas State Police liveries for the Crown Victoria, Impala, Taurus, Charger, Explorer and Tahoe, Raptor, BMW-530, Police bike, porsche and Veyron. - Made Exclusive Blaine County Sheriff's Office liveries for the Crown Victoria, Impala, Taurus, Charger, Explorer, Tahoe, Raptor and Police bike. - Unmarked Charger replaced. - Unmarked Tahoe lights fixed. - Replaced the Mclaren P1 Speed Enforcement vehicle with the Bugatti Veyron. - Fixed the brake/tail-light glitch of the Porsche-718 Speed Enforcement vehicle. - /dty 1 to go on duty as an officer and /dty 0 to go off duty EMS related: - Ford Explorer is now available for EMS as a fast response vehicle. - Lexus is now available for EMS as a supervisor response vehicle.
  14. This would have to be done by a map mod this more of @Ashjones field
  15. There is a method using a voip server for in game. But it’s awfully buggy. Group text messages is possible I may look into it at some point.