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  1. Patch Notes: - Faction Clothing: Some factions now have clothing menus so they can easily change into their respective clothing. - Firing Modes: For automatic weapons you have the ability to switch firing modes by pressing K and you can press L to turn on weapon safety. - Police Vehicles: 2 New Vehicles have been added the Mclaren and Porsche for high speed pursuit ranks only. - Armory Changes: Equipping a carbine in the armory now automatically adds the attachments on to the weapon. - Pistol Whipping: Disabled pistol whipping to stop accidental deaths. - Public Drugs: The weed farm is now back in action. Grab some weed, bag it up and sell it. - Selling Methods: You can sell packaged weed at the NPC dealer for a less risk of getting caught selling but that means a lower price Or you can sell weed that is freshly picked to the NPC's roaming the streets for a higher price but remember with the higher price comes a higher risk! Notice: Some of the above features are subject to change over time
  2. Hi, firstly I would like to say thanks for the suggestion! We are currently in the process of looking into a majority of the systems we currently have in place, I will add it to my list to see what can be done about it.
  3. Great idea! I'll take a look into it.
  4. Welcome! Hope to see you in the city soon!
  5. I know it is certainly possible. Not sure on how limited we would be with it would have to experiment with them to see what could be done, and if it has any affects on the server optimisation which I’m sure there would be some depending on the interior. Certainly something we could look into.
  6. Interesting idea, maybe not a staff member meeting new players as I'm sure administrators and moderators have enough to deal with. Could be cool if for example members of the community could become dedicated tour guides as a job? Just my two cents on it
  7. Thanks to @Ashjones for helping with the files and going through hours of testing just to get it to work 😊 and thanks to @DTiger for the designs
  8. Hi all, Just a small one for you today but there is plenty more to come! Patch Notes: - Updated Server files to the latest FiveM Server this brings in the new voip mumble system too. Which includes directional voice! - Added Custom clothing into the server! Take a look below at the new Motorcycle Jackets.