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  1. For me its the Blues Brothers. Favorite of all time
  2. Going to tag everyone here first : @Ashjones @BobMonk @Gucci_Millian @HappyRussianGuy @Ste Roberts @amir So the setting was the State Police O' Malley and O' Donnell turn up to gun shots to find 3-4 Petrovs and another player down. BCSO - Johnson shows up to assist. The State Police take some statements from everyone involved and run gunshot residue tests. The Petrovs shortly after where detained and brought to Mission Row PD where the real fun and laughter started. (Due to my mistype my character name is Ricard not Richard) Which is picked up on by one of the Petrovs who begins to make fun of my character. This is met by Johnson and O' Malley going into the cells with batons and dispensing some capital justice. The recordings from the cells where quickly wiped. One of the Petrovs then requestred a laywer when 40 bags of heroin is found on him but when the lawyer showed up he roleplayed he was representing the BCSO and SASP. What followed next was cavity searches vomiting and shit being smeared all over the Petrovs and lower Mission Row Pd. Great job to everyone involved for giving it all in that RP and for the hilarious 35 minutes of mayhem there. Coxy - RICARD O'Malley (someone please put a H in there)
  3. Yeah it was a spur of the moment think to be honest. The booms was a oh I can do this haha
  4. Coxybaws


    Hey guys is anyone playing this? I got it but it seems like a game with friends not by yourself
  5. Coxybaws

    dota 2

    You weren't that bad. I was there too
  6. Its the music gets me crying everytime mate
  7. This is my set up. No angry reacts
  8. This is something that we will be discussing in the staff meeting mate.
  9. I'd recommend Attack on Titan and Knights and Magic @Snoopy. @DTiger yeah mate I need to see it. I watched a video the other day of the top 100 rated Animes in Japan and then outside. Crazy differences
  10. Hey guys, If anyone watches anime looking for some decent length series to watch. I'm currently watching Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan. Also craving the new season of Food Wars. I still haven't watch Full Metal Alchemist but its on my to do list.
  11. Hey guys, Thank you for the suggestion. With this there is prison jobs where you can reduce your time. While this is a cool concept the idea of the prison break the idea of laying low it may not be police-able as the police can get very busy and may not be able to roleplay a prison break
  12. Thats not a bad idea. @Ashjones or @Kronus would be able to best answer this question
  13. Just wanna shout out Officer Berry. Over the last week I have had interactions with you on a number of characters and each time you brought amazing RP and even in serious situations manage to bring smiles to everyone around you. Keep it up buddy, @Connor and @Connor_ should be worried you'll get Chief of Police before them if you keep this up 🙂