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  1. Jeff

    My Ideas

    Sound comments everyone is free to there opinions, i got no problem if they dont get used at all.
  2. Jeff


    Banging show only got one more season after current one to go, But with all the story lines and the fighting it definitely one to watch.
  3. Jeff

    My Ideas

    Can i ask why your so bothered by money?
  4. Jeff

    My Ideas

    I have no money at all i have 750 thats it
  5. Jeff

    My Ideas

    1) in terms of the money for jobs i think things like parcel delivery i think the money you get per parcel should be like 20 dollars per parcel (makes it more realistic) and same for the other jobs. 2) You should be able to get points on your driving license so you can get banned from driving etc also have different type of license like bike, car, lorry like in real life. 3) You should get charged every time you change your clothes so its like you have paid for them (unless your in your house where it would be free) 4) longer jail sentences etc 5 months = 5 real life days so the sentence fits the crime and makes rp when the leave jail (make it so the sentence can be done offline) 5) remove alot of the charges that dont get used on the cops mdt (maybe have the most used charges at the top) also could it be work that you can use voip while in the mdt 6) make it so the cops cant just remove cars they have to get a player to come toe it way unless none are online. 7) have npc shop workers so it looks like someone actually works there 8 ) make the price of modding car more expensive 9) make the sever actual real life 24 hours so the time is the same in and out of game. (this one i just think would make it easier to arrange things)
  6. +1 i would also add that you can only take the car out of the garage you put it into so you cant for example put it in at the docks and take it out at paleto.
  7. just a question, with the sever getting more and more popular and the big queue at times, will there be a 2nd sever opening up at all maybe comes active when the 1st one is full (if that possible) ?
  8. Jeff

    Happy birthday Robbo 

  9. I think it could be a good idea although it could lead to more rdm to start with, as it a rule brake people would get bad so they may think its not worth it. It would also stop people having all there money on them to stop paying fines.
  10. Yer i know just thought id put it out there sounds like the only way to do it