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  1. I personally think the sever needs a wipe, ive never since so many tweets on a sever saying car for sale 2 mil plus. I hear alot about the sever is realistic but i personally find the money side of things is so ridiculous. To mod a car its cheap as anything and the jobs pay to much. In real life you would get like 2k a month tops if you worked your ass off (working the basic jobs) but in the sever you get 6k for one drop, the sever atm is to much on how much money you have then the rp. I think not only a wipe but change the money value which i think would bring more rp
  2. Jeff

    Can anyone help me?

    Yes mate i know and i will when im able to get online
  3. Jeff

    Can anyone help me?

    The benefits of community service would be that they dont go to jail and they can still do things on the outside while it creates rp. As for the lawyer find that very limited vision, why is it all about money surely you would be investing time to have a good rp experience?
  4. Jeff

    Can anyone help me?

    I dont see why being a lawyer would brake rule 4 and the jobs in prison are not community service there prison jobs.
  5. Jeff

    Can anyone help me?

    Hi guys, wondering if anyone could help me ive tried to come up with a law abiding citizen (i wanted to do somthing other then drugs and guns) while trying to add a role that would bring rp to the sever. I know you have the four basic jobs but apart from taxi driver none of them really involve rp with others. I applied to be a lawyer/Attorney but that got rejected due to the admin not wanting lawyers on the sever. I also applied to be head of community service, it was an idea that when you went to prison for a small amount of time instead of that you would do community service like litter picking the beach etc but that also got rejected. Ive got to the point now where i feel if you want to be a good without being a cop/ems you have to be taxi driver. Has anyone got any ideas? Cheers Jeff
  6. Ok thats fair enough i wasnt thinking about it from that point of view so i totally get, i just thought it be nice for both cops and bad guys to have a different sort of rp then the norm.
  7. I get what your saying and im not saying it so you can get more $$$, i make my characters so they so have not alot of money because of this, i just think the rp is based on cop nicking people when there could be rp where cops ask eople for info etc. I dont think it would take away rp from whats going on just change the type of rp.
  8. I get that and thats kl i just see it differently or otherwise there wouldnt be things like crimewatch. I just see it very stack in favour of the cops atm as you have to stand there for x amount of time and somtimes it just a smash and grap, cops wouldnt even be alerted till it was to late. I then think this would be good for the cops to put and rewards for info that leads to the arrest and that make it more working together then just cops and robbers.
  9. Guess we just have to agree to disagree on that one they may have cctv but like corner shop will have there cams in there bck room and they defo dont have panic button. Thats low end, the banks and high end shops will defo have cam and that just dont agree with there being someone to see every crime that gos on everytime its impossible
  10. You can still rp all that out tho and not everyone will have panic button
  11. I get at times it hard i just found it just stacks against the newer player for example if they rob a shop and rp taking phones ties them up and all that which in real life would stop the cops finding out here they are always there but they wont be able to
  12. i find on this sever after a few jobs and that now it so easy for cops they dont have to police they just wait for a notification at legion. think if you take away or do a 50/50 that a notification comes up actually gives the bad guys a chance and get cops away from standing at legion.
  13. So ive seen in game that if you go onto - money next time you get fined it just adds on to this but the money the player has in hes pocket he gets to keep so he can still make money and not pay the fines, i come up with the idea of city bailiffs so go collect the money of the people that owe x amount (whatever the "government" set as a fresh hold) then like in real life if they cant pay items that they have get taken away to cover the debt.