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  1. Green

    Happy birthday Emsi fam!!!

    1. Emsi


      Thank you fam!!! 

  2. Hello, I would just like to remind everybody how important is freedom for us. 2 days ago our Czechoslovak nation was celebrating 30 years of freedom (17.11.1989 Velvet Revolution). The revolutions aren´t suppose to be violent everytime. Remember what happened and always learn from your mistakes. ❤️ 


  3. Happy birthday buddy !

  4. Happy Birthday bud !

  5. Hello, I just wanted to say this lovely evening, to all of you, Thank you. Its been great 5 months here and I loved it from the start. The amazing RP we did, the happy and sad moments with you guys. Even saying some of the best months of my life. Thanks ❤️

    1. WorkinFromHome


      Glad to hear it buddy, its a pleasure having you around.

    2. Jim Wolf

      Jim Wolf

      where ya going

    3. Green


      Nowhere, just want to fill up couple of hearts

  6. Happy birthday !

  7. Hope you will enjoy it here mate !


    1. Max Davis

      Max Davis

      Loving the community already.

  8. Happy birthday Coxy ! 

  9. Happy Birthday !


  10. Happy birthday !

  11. Happy birthday !

  12. Happy birthday !


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