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  1. Happy Birthday 🙂 

  2. Happy Birthday Shit Rider 


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  3. Will do this the next time it occurs
  4. What is the Issue you are having: The "Press H to sell drugs" prompt does not appear after being logged into the server for a while. Every time I relog it initially works, however, the prompt will disappear after 2-3 deals. I thought it was an issue only I faced however another player mentioned it. What is your character name that this issue is affecting: Mario Giovanni Steam Name: Snoop The Noob Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028966088 When did this issue first occur: Noticed it last week Is this issue affecting just you or multiple players: Yes Do you have video evidence: NO -- but can be collected What steps did you take for this bug to occur: Harvested x120 Weed and dealt to about 2-3 walking NPC's Have you reported the bug to any staff members if so who did you report the issue to: I am a staff member 🙂
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  6. Happy Birthday mate 🙂 

  7. Happy Birthday mate 🙂 

  8. I’d be down to check your music out mate ;)
  9. Granted but you have to drive his old truck everywhere you go. I wish I could time travel.
  10. much appreciated regards, ~The Green Party
  11. Thanks a lot for your generous donation mate ❤️ 

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  12. Hello everyone, We here at LSLRP will have a blast this Saturday at Vespucci Beach Avenue. This late night event will be packed with fun and amusement as DJ Bubba and DJ Dutch perform on the beach starting at 11 PM GMT. This event will take place on the public server, thus, you don't need to fill in an application. We hope to see you and your friends on the 26th, 11 PM onwards. Thank you, LSLRP PR Team.