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  1. I disagree myself, Ash actually has an audio thing that has decent quality ( I had to shove my mic in my headset, unable to communicate with everyone around me ) His system is far more efficient and doesn't blow out his ear drums xD
  2. Yikes, Tig was only filling in 0.0 didn't mean to take the main stage @Ashjones 😉 DJ Curly Karl is dead so had to have some sort of tunes on
  3. Amazing mate, Tig thoroughly enjoyed 🙂 keep it up
  4. That’s a pretty sharp looking profile!

  5. Daym sexy ass photo, 10/10 

    A LOT of effort has clearly been put into this amazing piece of art!!!!

    Snoopy over there fishing for thots 😂😍

  6. nada

    That cover photo needs updating :D

    1. Jacks


      there we go


    2. Snoopy


      Wow ok nada, i see how it is

    3. nada


      Dw snoopy it was his old one before he updated to that fresh one you made him 

  7. Can't wait to try it all out on the server, awesome loading screens too!
  8. Nice profile song, can i smell your lungs?

    1. Wrighty


      Yes mate