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  2. Jacks

    Tig Munson.

    Shout out to @QuestionBox & @Kazza for proof reading this and making a few adjustments for me.
  3. Tig Munson. Tigger 'Tig' Munson grew up in a small village just outside of Vice City where he lived with his mother and father until the age of 15. While living with his parents, Tig lived a life no child should be apart of and saw things no child should see. His parents began using drugs when Tig was 10 and he lived the next 5 years of his life looking after his junky parents. His parents often had friends over shooting up Heroin, smoking meth, and sniffing coke while Tig cleaned up after them. Tig struggled with controlling his anger, even before his parents began taking drugs and the life they chose to lead made things even worse for his mental health. Then, on Tig's 15th birthday, after spending 5 years watching his parents waste their lives on drugs, he decided he had enough. That day they invited junky friends over and had sex in the living room while he had to make his food in the kitchen in their small 2 room apartment. Tig ran upstairs with tears streaming down his face knowing that he had to leave. Tig blamed himself and was angry because he felt like they did this to hurt him and he deserved it for some unknown reason. Tig was uneducated due to his lack of ability to attend school. He had no way to get to school and didn't want to leave his parents alone as he thought they may hurt each other as they often physically fought over drugs. When Tig arrived at his bedroom, he laid on the bed and felt underneath his pillows for the hammer he kept there for his safety. The hammer was there not only to protect him from anyone who may try and enter his junky occupied house but from his parents too as they would often take their frustration out on Tig. They used methods such as beating him with closed fists or slashing his back with a belt buckle. Tig knew that if he did not leave soon, he would either be hurt by them or they would die and he would be alone. With this in mind, Tig began to pack a bag, adding all the stuff he would need. He packed his clothes, toothbrush and other essentials and placed his hammer on top of those while leaving the bag open by the side of his bed. Tig planned to leave the morning after and prepared himself for bed, fully clothed in case he had to leave in the early hours of the morning so he would miss his parents going to pick up their early rise hits. However, Tig’s plan did not go as intended. His parents got in a fight around 2.36am and his father and mother took the fight upstairs. Frightened for his life Tig pulled his hammer close as these fights would often end up in them both taking their frustrations out on him, and he wasn't going to let that happen again. At 2.48am on the dot, his father burst into his room wrapping his leather belt around his fist to cause the greatest amount of harm. His father threw his first hit at Tig, straight into his stomach causing him to fall to the floor next to his bag. Tig's drugged up father swung for him once more but fell over and Tig took this opportunity to reach into his bag, stood up and looked down on his failure of a father. With anger Tig had never felt before, he looked at the hammer in hand and took his first strike down onto his father's skull and found he enjoyed the act. Tig began to strike again and again and again as his father's blood painted the walls around him. Tig, with his new found passion walked to his mother’s room, where she lay passed out from the heroin hit she argued over, dribbling on the bedroom floor. Tig knew that she would kill him if she found out he did this to her junky lover and decided he had to kill her. He walked up to his mother and began to strike her skull, often missing and hitting her in the throat. Tig fell to the floor, shaking, with the realisation he had just murdered his own parents. Looking down onto his bloodied hands which he had just used to kill his mother and father. Tig began to panic, and tried to arrange the bodies to look like they had killed each other in a brutal fight, as he had seen cartel members do on television. It was no use, it was clear someone had beat the individuals to death. Tig, being young, was scared of life in prison and ran downstairs, closed every window and turned all gas mains on full. Tig knew the only way to at least try remove this scene was to burn it away, He began to pull his heavy cooker with a struggle and to rip off the gas pipes. Tig walked to the front door where his father kept his matches on the mantelpiece, lit three matches and threw them on the carpet. He watched from outside the front door as the apartment went up in flames. Over the next 2 years of his life, Tig would live on the streets in local homeless spots while trying to make connections. Hunger wasn't the struggle for Tig nor the loneliness as this was the life he lived since the age of 10. One day, he decided that he would try and catch a ride from someone on the highway out of Vice City and move some place else. Tig got lucky, a gentleman saw the struggle in Tig’s eyes and gave him a ride to the city of Los Santos where Tig's life would change for the better. During the 8 hour car journey, Tig didn't say a word to the man. They never even shared names. The man assisting Tig would buy him food, drink and give him money for when they finally reached LS. Before leaving the mans car, the gentleman mentioned that the military in LS was recruiting and that he saw great potential in the young man. Tig, taking the man’s advice, began military training as soon as he could, using the money the man gave him to head to the recruitment centre in LS. He trained for 2 hard years, and finally entered the military at the age of 19. In the military, Tig found a sense of brotherhood like he had never felt before. The men he met were like no others and he felt he had purpose once more. Tig spent 5 years proving himself in the military and received many promotions due to his dedication to the force. Tig, now 24 years old, was part of the Recon team within the American military. He would tour Iraq, Afghanistan and deploy on top secret military missions with the recon team. Tig got a reputation within the military as the best sniper they had which earned him the nickname ''NoMissTig'' though, he would never understand the nickname, he was just doing his job. Five years of being on the Recon team, Tig was now 29 years old and enjoying life with his brothers in the military. Tig grew close to a man named, Max while serving in the military. He would talk to Max about everything but never mentioned the death of his parents. Max became Tig’s best friend, something Tig had never had before. One day everything changed. Tig, was recon for the frontline that day, 'Eyes in the sky' and was watching over Max’s squad. Tig watched carefully for threats through the scope of his sniper rifle. However, what Tig was unable to see was landmines planted in the landscapes below. Max, on foot leading the front line squad, stepped on a live landmine. Through his scope, he saw the squad stop. Moments later, Tig watched as his best friend and squad were blown to pieces by a hidden landmine. Immediately, he began to run down the hill towards them, but was caught in an ambush. Tig struggled against 10 men and managed to shoot four with his pistol but it wasn't enough. He was shot three times in the leg and dropped. His remaining brothers not on the frontline helped Tig, and got him away to safety by chopper. Tig was forced to leave the military on the day of his 30th birthday due to his inability to sprint for long periods of time after the leg injury. Tig was gutted and lost all purpose. He eventually turned to alcohol for a few years and lived off his military pension and whatever other money he could find. At the age of 35, Tig decided he would not go down the route of his parents and sought rehab for his alcohol addiction. After a year, at the age of 36, Tig was clean and attempting to live a normal life. He bought a motorcycle, and quickly learned the joys and freedom that the open road could bring. Tig often saw motorcycle clubs around him, but never thought of joining one. He road his bike for the next 7 years, enjoying every moment of it but he still felt something missing. Tig quickly realised he missed the camaraderie and brotherhood the military provided him. At the age of 43, Tig decided he would look into motorcycle clubs, more specifically the 1%. He knew a bit about outlaw motorcycle clubs and thought he could find the brotherhood he missed. Tig spent a few months checking out 1% clubs, but could not find one that appealed to him. He knew the Lost MC was not a choice, as they were bad people overall and he would not find the kind of brotherhood he hoped for in their club. Tig began taking keen interest in the Remnant MC, after meeting them at the Yellow Jacks bar in Sandy Shores. Tig instantly felt a camaraderie with the members of the RMC and although he did not show it, he felt like he had found a family. Tig, wanting to be a part of the MC, did all he could to show his interest and devotion to the club, but his anger would often get the better of him. One day, Tig stabbed a DOSS MC Prospect while hanging around with the RMC. He knew he would need to learn to control his temper if he wanted a shot in the RMC. After three weeks of hanging around with the club, Tig had the opportunity to Prospect for them due to Dutch and Connor, President and Vice President at the time, saw something special in him and believed in him. Tig spent another three weeks living a life of hell, he was angry and often loud mouthed, which did not go well around the club. They taught Tig to somewhat control his anger, and use it only when needed, for the good of the club. Tig was a Prospect with his brothers Bobby and Dean. Eventually, after a lot of blood sweat and tears, Tig as well as Bobby and Dean had the opportunity to patch into the club, where they would become part of the First 5 members. The first 5 brothers of many more to come. This is where his club life and his new life in LS truly began....
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