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  1. Hi there! Let me start by saying that I really love the new police-update, it's fantastic! Unfortunately there has been several players who has experienced random crashes to desktop, WITHOUT any error. Now I don't pull that to the update itself, but myself and several of the ones who has told me about their experience has NEVER crashed like that before - only those typical FiveM errors after they update the core itself. You know, the errors with those weird names. Now since this has started to happen so frequently for some users and myself included, I have decided to put out a bug-thread about it. (It has happened more when I have been on my police-character and around sirens/lights for some reason.) The CTD does not create any FiveM-crashlogs/dmp's, but it creates an event in the Event Manager-> Applications. I have gathered the ones I got yesterday, they seem almost identical, but have different process-ID's and stuff, included them anyway. I have no idea if this is anything to use while troubleshooting, but I'll gladly look for other things if devs need anything. I think it was @Connor(If I recall correctly?) who told me that he also had his first crash like this this morning as well. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Attachment:
  2. "Are you fucking stupid?!" - Kuzma Petrov, 2017-2019 Most asked question by Kuzzi
  3. Hi there! Could we look at the possibility to add a plate-check to the MDT? We can not get names based on license-plates, this would be handy if we lost a car due a car-chase or something.
  4. Hi there! What: Per now, paramedics does not receive distress-calls from police-officers. Officers then have to bring up their phone and manually call them/give them location via TS. Why: It would make it so much easier to get medical assistance, as the paramedics would know that there was a distress-call and then prioritize/start driving. Not all officers in TS has M1 and M2 in their whisper-lists either, so there is a chance that they do not have the possibility to communicate via TS at all.
  5. YES. I don't know why I didn't post this suggestion a long time ago, but the moonshine has basically "ruined" faction-drugs, and I'd almost go as far and say that it could've broken the whole server-economy if we'd let it continue in the same path as it has the last month - people have stated that they have made 500k in the matter of hours by just buying a bunch of burritos and filling it up with ingredients. I do not have the exact explanation nor proof that they have made it, but I myself hasn't gotten a single request for faction-drug for around 2-3 weeks - not once. I am glad this is being looked into, I think that faction-drugs should always be more worth then public ones. Thanks, devs!
  6. Idea: Let players be able to buy different types of backpacks/bags that give a certain type of extra space in the inventory. The bags could also be visible on the character itself so people could be able to see that "Hey, that person has a bag!". The bigger the bag, the more items you can get in it. It should also cost a lot of money the bigger it is - of course. Why: A player has 120 itemslots (Not realistic at all tbh, should've switched out items with weight or decreased the normal capacity, as we can now have as much items in our pockets as many cars on the server!) By being able to buy backpacks/bags, you can temporarily be able to bring more items with you. As the bags would also be visible on the characters back/in their hands, they would also open up for better RP and make it more realistic when it comes to moving more objects at once (forexample drugs.) Greets, Kim
  7. Hi there! I have had an issue on my character (Donovan) since the beginning: When I do "Show ID" from the Z-menu - nothing appears. This has NEVER shown when I have tried, not for me or anyone else that I show it to. I see that it works for many of the other players, but then with the wrong avatar. Can this be looked at? Would be nice to be able to use it instead of having to ask /lc. Greets, Kim
  8. Thank you man, same to you! Always a good adventure, hehe.
  9. That is a good observation, my fault, sorry. But yeah, I meant ingame, maybe I thought since it was going to be a list on the forum or something!
  10. Ey snoopy, you tryin' to be funny or something? I talk about the emotes ingame! EDIT: Let me rephrase, ANIMATIONS!
  11. I think it must be the 110% real Adidas taking all the fragments!
  12. Hi there! Can someone provide me a list with all the emotes in command-form? As with /e guard, /e lean. Some of them might be "logical", but I have tried a bunch of them that did not work. Cheers.
  13. Someone is jealous, I KNOW IT!