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  1. Your signature as i quote "It's not the kitchen that makes the food - it's the chef!"

    One this is certain, its definitely not you... that fire insurance would be to expensive 


  2. What: Let staffmembers (helpers->) have a colored nickname when talking in ooc/looc. Something as simple as a colored nickname will let players be able to sort out who is staff and who is not. If you want to pull it further, it could've been the same structure as on the forums, green for helpers, purple for mods, red for admins and so on. Why: I have heard from several new players that it has been difficult to figure out who is staff and who is not, especially in OOC where it's often given out rules/help. Sorting out staff and regular members could be a good way to gain "authenticity" and knowledge on who is a staff-member and not, especially when posting messages as "CLEAR OOC", messages to stay away from areas due vehicle-mass-spawn, help from helpers and so forth.
  3. You've got me, I didn't even think about that - could it be a limit? I totally understand that this could be abused, but what about once per week/two per month or something? The ability to at least change it to something personal (like a nickname) could be handy - if not public then by request. (As I would like to have Uncle Donovan instead of my name, forexample.) Great input, Kronus!
  4. What: Disable the mechanism that repairs vehicles when put in the garage until it has been there for a certain amount of time. Why: It is not unknown that people (including me) end up smacking our vehicles and takes a trip to the garage to put it in and take it out again - VIOLA, brand new car! This is however not realistic at all - we have mechanics and Los Santos Customs who can repair the car, as well repair-kits. I can think of a couple of reasons why this should be implemented: 1) Doing this would make it more realistic in terms of how it would've been done in real life. 2) It would bring more money and jobs to the mechanics. 3) It would make us value our vehicles more, knowing that we can't just drift around legion and smash into things because "I'll just take it out again". 4) People would use more money which in my opinion is a good thing. I think that #3 is most important - we do not value our vehicles at all (not all of us, that is.) The impound-system with 50% (now 30%) value was a great way to solve some of this, less people use super-cars/favorite-cars for drug-dealing, robbing stores/banks and so forth, and I think this could also add a bit to this - that people understand that messing around with cars can also end up expensive.
  5. What: Let players be able to change their lifeinvader-name, the name that shows at /tweet. This could be done by going to the lifeinvader-building infront of the desk and pay some dollars, let's say forexample 50k or something. Why: It could be handy to change your name - not only for personal preference but could be neat if you had a reason to change, maybe you owe someone cash? Maybe you are wanted? Maybe you want to "fish out" information. (But not be able to copy someone else's name ofcourse.) And I could be Uncle Petrov instead of Donovan Petrov!
  6. Hi there! I had a great idea while I was driving home from work! What: From what I have seen, it is possible to load custom radio-channels into fiveM-servers. This basically means that if I get in a car ingame, I can stream a custom-radio from the server. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a radio dedicated for LSLRP? Thoughts: - Let people virtualDJ/with the equipment (Ash?) actually be the host for the radio from time to time and use a music-bot with a variety of music - Factions could apply and create jingle.mp3's to promote their business which plays at random times. - Someone could even create a news-faction that could announce stuff that has happened, give out live messages about robberies or car-crashes or other important information. Debates between players? I cannot be the only one who thinks that the stock-radio in GTA5 is boring now and it would make a great addition to stay updated/listen to random music. People who has DJing as a hobby could have fun DJing for the server as an official radio. Promote RP, news, emergencies and debates live for the players who are having that long-ass ride to Paleto. How: I do not know directly "how", but from what I have googled and figured out, it is possible. https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-js-radio/52121 or github: https://github.com/Hellslicer/fivem-radio Greets, Kim
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    Fantastic! Yay! Were did you find these? I have tried to look for a while, but couldn't! 😞
  8. What is the Issue you are having: Calling a number manually by typing in the number on the phone does not work as it adds the symbol "-" between 555- and the rest of the number. What is your character name that this issue is affecting: All of them. Steam Name: WillyVodka When did this issue first occur: Been happening for a month or longer, never noticed why no one never picked up the phone when I called a number I found on the /tweet. Is this issue affecting just you or multiple players: I'd guess all the players. Do you have video evidence: YES/NO I haven't recorded it, but try inputting a number from a friend while speaking on TS, it calls but no-one picks up and the recipient does not receive a phonecall. What steps did you take for this bug to occur: Test-calling my girlfriend and looked at her screen that she did not receive a phone-call from me. Have you reported the bug to any staff members if so who did you report the issue to: None.
  9. Just want to give this a little bump, with all the players asking for "criminal jobs" IC this could be a neat starting-point, to smuggle. This would also give police more to do - risking that the trucks has smuggled/stolen goods. Several players has told me that they are sick and tired of driving logs all day, so being able to choose route-length and what to transport would be a great addition.
  10. Hi there. This has not been an issue since thursday, so it might've been fixed from the FiveM-side then. Thanks anyway, you can close this now.
  11. Hi there! Let me start by saying that I really love the new police-update, it's fantastic! Unfortunately there has been several players who has experienced random crashes to desktop, WITHOUT any error. Now I don't pull that to the update itself, but myself and several of the ones who has told me about their experience has NEVER crashed like that before - only those typical FiveM errors after they update the core itself. You know, the errors with those weird names. Now since this has started to happen so frequently for some users and myself included, I have decided to put out a bug-thread about it. (It has happened more when I have been on my police-character and around sirens/lights for some reason.) The CTD does not create any FiveM-crashlogs/dmp's, but it creates an event in the Event Manager-> Applications. I have gathered the ones I got yesterday, they seem almost identical, but have different process-ID's and stuff, included them anyway. I have no idea if this is anything to use while troubleshooting, but I'll gladly look for other things if devs need anything. I think it was @Connor(If I recall correctly?) who told me that he also had his first crash like this this morning as well. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Attachment:
  12. "Are you fucking stupid?!" - Kuzma Petrov, 2017-2019 Most asked question by Kuzzi