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  1. Absolute mad lad, we appreciate the dono ❤️ 

  2. You're a mad man. Much love ❤️

  3. Thanks again for that donation, we really appreciate it!

    1. Jabba


      Maverick, Indeed is an OG.

  4. Thank you for your generous donation on behalf of the staff team and LSLRP community! Donations help us keep up with server costs and we deeply appreciate your support !!

    1. Maverick__OG


      my pleasure, appreciate the work u guys put in for everyone's entertainment!

  5. Thank you for the generous donation, Maverick! 😄

  6. Woah! Thank you for the support man! 🙂 

  7. Legendddd for the donation

  8. Thank you for supporting the server.

  9. What a legend! Thank you for supporting the server mate!  

  10. Thank you for supporting the server my guy! Welcome & absolute legend! 💪

    1. Maverick__OG


      my pleasure bro, love the works u guys put in

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