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  1. 300.5 IQ Fortnite player

  2. Not a Intel fan, just preferring Intel over even the pricier AMD CPU's on the market, have been in contact with most of the different counterparts on either side and used them.
  3. Intel, even tho AMD is going forward and closing the gap between themselves and Intel, Intels CPU's are still a better choice for a lot of options and tasks. Intel may be pricier but it is worth it.
  4. @Adrish I’m sorry to say but i got the ones i wanted to sell sold, just forgot to update this —————-—-Thread Closed———-———-
  5. I have now reached my goal and shall retire 😂


  6. Name: Diana Caven Item Name: Coil Raiden Item Description: Hello, i am trying to sell some of my Coil Raiden's since i have heard of some people wanting them. The price i was thinking of was around 650k-700k, but price can be discussed to be a bit lower when someone is interested. The Raiden is a electric vehicle and is out-of-stock in the custom showroom. It has good handling and a decent speed.
  7. I had this problem once, all i did was wait and i got loaded in after that it's been fine
  8. Fun Fact: Blizzard makes bad games 😂
  9. Yes, i'm happy people agree that it would be a great thing ^^