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  1. Nono, I spoke to @Ashjones about it, around a week ago or so! But glad to see its happening!
  2. Happy birthday 😄

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      ohh hiii thanks 😚


  3. Happy Birthday lad!

  4. Granted but your the guy who then created pineapple pizza xD I wish I was never a meme and people took me seriously
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    Can we have a managing director of the year award too?
  6. Welcome to the forums bud!
  7. Your second monitor doesn't need the capabilities of a space ship, just get a cheap acer predator 24", unless your planning on stretching the games over 2 screens then don't waste your cash.
  8. You must sit there sometimes and wonder, who is Bob? Why does he come out with some of the stupidest things you have ever heard? Let me tell you a story about Bob and hopefully you can understand how this character has evolved, a character that was never ment to be; Bob was born in 2002, his mother Gillian who was only 20 at the time raised Bob solo, he was born onto the streets of london. Gillian struggled, they would hop from couch to couch, home to home and some nights would be spent on the streets. Some nights she would wrap Bob up really tight find shelter and sing to him all night. Gillian would have to beg steal and borrow, sometimes she would not even eat just to keep Bob alive. They would do this for the next 6 years, Bob had developed an understanding of his mothers needs and would help her when she was begging, pretending to be sick, or taking a strangers wallet when they were talking to his mother. On the 25th of July 2008 Bob and his Mother were taking a taxi to visit Gillian's mother, the only family they had. The taxi driver had been drinking that evening, he took a turn and swerved into the road and hit an oncoming vehicle, the car flipped several times until it slammed to a stop, With smoke bellowing from the engine, there was complete silence. Moments later there was a small cry coming from the car. Within minutes the emergency services had arrived on scene, fire, ambulance and the police. They had to cut all 3 of them out of the vehicle. Unfortunately for Bob and what he will never know to this day is that his Mother was pronounced dead on the scene, she was not wearing her seat belt and hit her head so hard off the windscreen she was dead instantly. Bob was immediately rushed to A&E he had hit his head of the glass window of the car and severed his neck slightly because of the seat belt. Bob was not in a good place, because of his neck he was loosing oxygen to his brain and quick. Bob was put onto the operating table quickly and his life, fortunately was saved. Bob was released several months later from the hospital and he would go to his Nan's (Gillian's mother) Bob had complete memory loss of the entire accident. Some times he would forget certain things, he would be out and about and just completely black out and not remembering anything that had happened. Gillian's mother would put Bob into school, by the time Bob was 13 he had been in and out of 6 different schools. He fight class mates, set fires in the toilets and lock teachers out of the class rooms. On the day of his 14th birthday his Nan could cope no longer gave Bob enough money and kicked him out of the house. With no family Bob was completely alone. He spent 6 weeks on the streets, he would be alone, he would cry and sing the songs his mother would sing him. Bob remembered his mother would always speak of a new life in a city she had a friend that lived there Los Santos. Bob had kept the money his Nan gave him and it was enough for a flight out there, Bob would not look back the day he stepped onto that plane. The moment Bob landed in LS nothing in his life would change for the next 2 years, every person who he would try and make friends with would push him away, thought he was a little bit "Weird", until he found his pet Ferret, Bob's life would change forever. Bob didn't want to feel left out, he didn't want people to think of him any different so he nicknamed the ferret "Mum", their bond and relationship grew and the ferret would never leave Bob's side. Bob then one day met the RMC, he took a shining to "Tig" who he straight up called him "Tiggy" and found it absolutely hilarious and so did a lot of others. From that day Bob knew he had made friends, this was very over whelming for Bob as apart from his Ferret he had never had a friend before. And that's where the adventures of Bob begins. And that my friends is the history of Bob, right up until the day he met Tig and the rest of the RMC. Big thanks to @Ashjones @Jacks @QuestionBox @Kazza @Coxybaws and many others who have been involved. And yes @Jacks I saw your post and I thought, I'm gonna do one xD
  9. Didn't proof read it enough if you ask me! lol - Touching story mate, well done
  10. They are nice, but they are a bucket of bolts! 🤣
  11. Whoever thought up the idea of Harley is still living in the 60's when they were relevant.