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  1. Fantastic effort, well done! Keep them coming!
  2. 2 great bikes the S1000RR and the H2R, but the R is not road legal 😉
  3. Hello, Firstly I have moved your post to the suggestion thread. Regards to the new drug, perhaps it's something you can speak with @Ashjones and the development team about. Regards to the police, people are here to have a good time, some are starting out for the first time, some people make mistakes, we are only human, any real concerns with individual officers you can report the officer. Regarding the staffing, I think a lot of people underestimate the work that is involved when keeping people on the server instead of kicking them, we have the ability to private message people and warn which cannot be seen by regular players, all you may see is just a kick, when perhaps the staff member has tried countless times to contact that person. Regards, Wrighty
  4. I agree with Ash
  5. Wrighty


    Welcome to LSLRP Buddy
  6. What's world of warcraft m8?
  7. Can you stop looking at my profile please, thanks.

    1. Snoopy


      youre so handsome what can i say

  8. I'm up to speed on the database, but I'm busy at the moment and should be able to do this shortly.
  9. We also like to put it back to you guys, if you have a great idea of an event you want to host, run it past a member of the staff team and I'm sure they will help you with this.
  10. Think I ran into you guys last night! Welcome to the server bud!
  11. Wrighty

    Taxi Job [Episode 1]

    This is brilliant! Looking forward to more!
  12. Thanks to NewSafe we got the ball rolling with the TS3 port issues etc - Staff team rank icons added More Icons for the teamspeak are being created.
  13. Afternoon All, Wrighty here LSLRP's community managing director. I'll keep this short and sweet, my role within the community is managing all aspects of it, making sure the direction of the community is flowing and making sure everyone from staff to regular members are happy. Major issues or compliance issues I'll deal with and my door is always open if you wish to come and have a chat, please bare in mind that when I'm on in the first stages of rebranding this community I can be extremely busy. If you wish you can send me a personal message here or email me Wrighty@lossantosliferp.com and I'll be sure to reply to you as soon as I can. Me personally, well I work 2 jobs and I love motorbikes so at the weekends probably on a Sunday I'll be on my bike, I own a 2014 triumph speed triple! I'm a challenging behaviour instructor by trade so rest assured any issues your problem will be dealt with by the highest professionalism. I'm open and honest and will never beat around the bush! Regards, Wrighty
  14. Might have to check this one out!