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  1. Around a year ago, I would always preach AMD as cheap good alternative. I guess as I've progressed in life and willing to the spend the money I have seen great improvement in Intel. I'm in no doubt that AMD have probably up'd their game, looking at specs on paper they look great. But I want to sit down on my computer and enjoy my experience and I believe that Intel is better.
  2. Pricey because of quality, I used to be AMD and switched to Intel, will never look back!
  3. Good Morning All, I've had a lot of feedback from staff relating to incidents when a rule has been broken and action been taken. Sometimes an action that was taken by a staff member against someone may NOT be in the rules. Let me make this very clear to folks who play on the server, the rules cannot be specific, due to multiple reasons. Firstly: Who wants to sit there and read 100's of rules prior to playing on the server. Secondly: Who is going to remember any of these rules? Thirdly: With tons of rules come loop holes. Staff must stick clearly to the rules, without disregard and so must players and I do appreciate a good majority will stick to them, the reason why the rules are sometimes "vague" is to allow a staff member deal with a situation they or others felt was unfair or abusive in terms to RP. Now I appreciate that it can lead too "well the staff member died in RP and thought it was unfair so I got warned" It's not like that, staff have very specific guidelines that they have to stick too. When a new member is inducted to the staff team they receive a handbook and training from a senior staff supervisor or a senior member of staff. Some of staff team have been doing this for years (Myself included) and know the deal and know my expectations. "What should I do if I feel like I'm being treated unfairly or staff are abusing" - Please contact myself, any other director or Snoopy (Senior Staff Supervisor), we will help deal with any uncertainty you have, we will do an investigation regarding the report you have given. Appropriate action will be taken. I hope this clears a few things up for newer members who may have only been playing on our server for a shorter period of time. Kind Regards,
  4. Previous 2 replies have been deleted. You are making suggestions, if you are unhappy with something you are able air your views regarding this in a civil manner. We will not accept name calling or childish behavior. Motorbikes are not perfect and never will be due to the game mechanics, even adjusting the handling files you wont get that feeling. Feel free to come onto team speak as I'd be very happy to discuss this with you, I personally own and ride a bike and would be very interested to hear the philosophy of taking a corner at high speed. Taking into factors such as counter steering and canvas of roads GTA does not take that into consideration. Turning at a junction shouldn't be taken at 60mph, try the road from the prison that heads all the way to the west coast, a simple yet good road for a motorbike and you will see that it perfectly enjoyable as a biker to take. Kind regards,
  5. Bikes, my favourite topic haha! Ever heard of the brembo master cylinder? Gachigasm!
  6. Happy birthday!

  7. Welcome bud! But what about the real @WorkinFromHome ??
  8. IRL you would have to apply, not just pay cash and magically have a name change, also the warrant system I don't feel is used enough or isn't stable enough I don't know the in's and out's but it can be abused MASSIVELY. I have no issues with people changing their names, but I'd rather it be done fairly and avoid being abused and any loopholes avoided.
  9. I think the best way we can do this would be out of RP, if your in desperation of a name change, perhaps you didn't take RP that seriously when you first joined, if you come and speak with us on teamspeak we can do this through the database for legit reasons.
  10. I've just put this to the developers, however all modern vehicles have limiters on them, Mercedes AMG limit their cars to 155mph, so people are expecting these 200mph+ cars where if you want "realism" the majority of road cars are restricted, in the US I'm not sure however I think it's manufacturers agreement. Perhaps something we should take into account? But some cars have more torque, power, weight etc, so this is a huge task you are putting on yourself @DTiger
  11. Wrighty

    Cop chases

    I can't agree with you more Jtee, I don't think cops should be trying to tazer you through the window of a vehicle. And I think they do try and Pit when they can, but sometimes people can just carry on and just drive off lol so I suppose it would be frustrating on that level. But potentially @Steel could look into why this is happening. Regards,
  12. Paranormal activity, not only scary but hilarious at the same time.
  13. Firstly, "I only do this because everyone else does it" set a standard JT, you've been RPing long enough on public servers to know the score. Secondly; 1. NLR ( NEW LIFE RULE ) So how New Life Rule works is, if you die and get revived you remember everything that has happened. If you respawn back to hospital you forget the last 10-15 mins and the persons involved. Unfortunatly I think this would be difficult to manage, as there are many reasons why someone may be on the floor, perhaps he/she was was shot in the shoulder, unless they lost so much blood that it eventually effected the brain then yes potential memory loss would persist. Again this becomes very complicated, I'd rather keep it simple, if someone dies and goes to hospital, then returns please report them, you know staff will help.
  14. Completely disagree, taking a sharp right turn at 60mph on a bike? haha. Taking a bend at 60mph completely agree but not a turn, you wouldn't do it.
  15. Wrighty


    Hi June! 😄