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  1. Just heard this profile song for the first time 😂

  2. Think you might have been thinking about someone else mate haha
  3. If anyone puts any spoilers anywhere I literally send you to wall.
  4. Cheers for that huge donation buddy! All of our costs go to running this community and we always appreciate any donations we receive!

  5. Sometimes you gotta mix carrot juice and raisins to make the perfect squirrel tail. /Bob
  6. Just want everyone to know, that I've dropped from 6mg nicotine to 3mg today! Wish me luck! #VapeLife

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    2. Connor_


      Less than me now mate

    3. MissSBennett


      No need for luck! You got this 🙂 

    4. Jacks


      Do it through your nostrils !!! wait wut

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