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Server Costs

Goal starts 02/28/2019

Donate to Los Santos Life RP

You are donating towards the community, you will not be refunded for any donation recieved. You are not paying for a product such as queue priority, this is a thank you perk.

Where will my donation go?

Your donation will go directly to paying for the dedicated servers that host our website, TeamSpeak, and LSLRP game servers. As we continue to move forward, donations will also be used to expand and improve Los Santos Life rp. We are a non profit community, meaning your donations will only be used towards the upkeep and development and improvement of our community and services.

What do i get as a donator?

there are currently two donation ranks that you can achieve depending on the amount you donate. There is no recommended amount, we appreciate all donations! We have 3 donation groups that we give to our donators as a little thank you. You can see the diffrent groups below. You will have to donate the group amount in a single payment in order to qualify for a donator group. All the donation forum features lasts forever, you are not able to loose any features.

Donation Groups

Donator - £10

- Profile Banner

- Purple Name

- 1 month que priority

Exalted Donator - £20

- Profile Banner

- Purple Name

- 3 month que priority

Legendary Donator - £50

- Profile Banner, Background

- Sparkling purple name

- 6 months que priority

Lifetime Donator - £150

- Profile banner, Video, Background

- Sparkling yellow name

- 12 months que priority

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  1. 11.00 GBP
    FiveM name: Savage Emacs Server Character name: Ashley Wallace Steam name: Savage Emacs Steam custome url: savageemacs Don't know what you need so there is everything. Love the server :)
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  3. 10.00 GBP
  4. 10.00 GBP
  5. 10.00 GBP
  6. 13.00 GBP
  7. 10.00 GBP
  8. 10.00 GBP
  9. 10.00 GBP
  10. 10.00 GBP
    Sam Fermichelli Sam - STEAM_0:1:80488482

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    Savage Emacs
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    Savage Emacs
    03/20/2019 · 11.00 GBP
  • Donation Goals

    Server Costs

    We are extremely grateful for every single donation. We rely on donations to keep up with the server fees. More info can be found on the donation page above.

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