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  2. Idea: Let players be able to buy different types of backpacks/bags that give a certain type of extra space in the inventory. The bags could also be visible on the character itself so people could be able to see that "Hey, that person has a bag!". The bigger the bag, the more items you can get in it. It should also cost a lot of money the bigger it is - of course. Why: A player has 120 itemslots (Not realistic at all tbh, should've switched out items with weight or decreased the normal capacity, as we can now have as much items in our pockets as many cars on the server!) By being able to buy backpacks/bags, you can temporarily be able to bring more items with you. As the bags would also be visible on the characters back/in their hands, they would also open up for better RP and make it more realistic when it comes to moving more objects at once (forexample drugs.) Greets, Kim
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  4. I've just put this to the developers, however all modern vehicles have limiters on them, Mercedes AMG limit their cars to 155mph, so people are expecting these 200mph+ cars where if you want "realism" the majority of road cars are restricted, in the US I'm not sure however I think it's manufacturers agreement. Perhaps something we should take into account? But some cars have more torque, power, weight etc, so this is a huge task you are putting on yourself @DTiger
  5. They are incredible good to roleplay with alot of laughs 🙂 involved !
  6. Hi there! I have had an issue on my character (Donovan) since the beginning: When I do "Show ID" from the Z-menu - nothing appears. This has NEVER shown when I have tried, not for me or anyone else that I show it to. I see that it works for many of the other players, but then with the wrong avatar. Can this be looked at? Would be nice to be able to use it instead of having to ask /lc. Greets, Kim
  7. @Connor_ You're right, thats why the paychecks shouldnt get too big of a buff if this happens. @Snoopy Sorry didnt know about the issue.
  8. That sounds very much like a 'the rich get richer' kind of system. Obviously in the real world people do gain interest on their money in their accounts but this may not be simple to code. Perhaps @Kronus could shed some light. The paychecks are there just to add an element of realism really. A slow but steady money flow to buy the simple things such as food and water. The real money comes from actually doing the job. If the hourly paychecks were buffed significantly there would be no incentive to actually do the job, which is the sole reason the jobs exist in the first place. Also, as @Snoopy said there's a issue with the paychecks which is currently being looked into. I hope this helps! 🙂
  9. Hey buddy, There is currently a bug with the "hourly" pay check. Please read following topic.
  10. Full Name - Dave Black Age - Unknown Born - Unknown Job - Bottle collector Family - Unknown Full detailed character bio - Dave Black is an afro American bottle collector, He has dedicated his life to clean the streets of Los Santos. There are no records of his birth or any relatives, He has no clue when his birthday is and as no memory of any family members other than his "family" under the bridge near Mission Row PD. Dave has been seeking a form of love in his local church the past decade, He new the world was going to collapse and claims the zombie apocalypse is gods will.
  11. Thank you man, same to you! Always a good adventure, hehe.
  12. I have made quite good friends with Donovan through Mason, and the adventures we went on together with the great chemistry between him and crazy Kuzma always makes it tons of fun to rp with you guys as we try get some guy who looked the wrong way at Kuzma. Keep up the fun rps and situations, its always enjoyable to see these two their antics together
  13. Hey there!

    Just a quick heads up to everyone I am changing all of my accounts to Wise Shibe now, instead of all the random scattered around names. Sadly, I can not change my forum name, so that's the only one that might be leaving you confused. 

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      What do you mean?

  14. Full Name - Jack Whincup Age - 18 Born - Loss Santos Job - Police officer Family - N/A Full detailed character bio - So I joined the city on September 13 2018 I instantly fell in love with everyone. As I got to know new people I also got to know what to do how to make money and friends. After a few days I applied for the police force it was a short wait but it felt like a life time. I remember looking at my phone and seeing "You been accepted" My heart skipped a beat. I ran to the Mission row PD. I was met by loads of great officers that's were my journey began. I am now a Supervising Officer and training officer for the LSPD. I have grown in confidence and ability. The best part is I know I can work with anyone to got the job done. My ambition is to get to the highest rank I possibly can. Thank you for reading my application I hope to hear from you soon. Yours Faithfully Jack Whincup
  15. 2 days and not one pay on mechanic
  16. I think it would be nice if paychecks could be higher then just 10-12$ per hour, it could be based on the amount of money you have on your bank account. For example if you have 1mil, you could get extra 1k on your paycheck.
  17. I voted yes, but feel there is a caveat. They should only handle as realistic as is necessary. Going all out might just get frustrating for certain vehicles. They should handle well at lower speeds, and get progressively harder to turn at high speeds (some cars would even be twitchy and lose control more easily at high speeds). Too many variables, but I hope you understand what I'm getting at.
  18. Yeah been noticing that the jobs are more of a random payout than hourly.
  19. This is a good idea, some cars just go too fast for being the type they are.
  20. Dear Community, Since i'm getting a lot of suggestions about changing vehicle handlings and make them more realistic i've tought about making a poll. We do listen to our community and we're always looking for improvements! So make sure to vote! You have time untill Friday 26 October 18:00! Thank you!
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  22. Where did you find that logo? Back in the 80s? 😂😂

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      Nice logo. Almost as nice as QA's... almost

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      Nice vintage look 👌🏼 

  23. Every single job @Ashjones. Also cops don't get reports when mechanics fire their guns.
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