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  2. All you nutters donating, merci. 

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  5. Im not dead guys, chill 

    1. nada


      had me worried a bit snoop dog 

  6. I haven't seen @AnnaLofberg in two months but I'm leaving to go pick her up at the airport in an hour!! :)))))))))

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    2. Plaaank


      kids? we're old and decrepit. that's even worse!

    3. Denzstou


      Wooooooooo! Enjoy some time together!

    4. MissSBennett


      Enjoy your time together! ❤️

  7. We have recently discovered a way to get the server closer to the top of the server-list. How does it work? Servers on the server-list are descending after a “boost-score” starting at 0 - the higher the score, the further up it will be. You need a discord-account and an account at forum.fivem.com and they need to be registered on the same e-mail account. This will cost you 4.99$ and you will receive 10 points that you can use to boost your favorite server (OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) You can also get Discord Nitro for 9.99$ which grants you 2 boosts. Those can be used on our discord and on the FiveM Discord. It is totally up to you to decide wether you just want to do the single one or both. If you have Discord Nitro: When you have Discord Nitro, you should have 2 Boosts available. Keep in mind Discord Nitro costs 9,99$. When you have already boosted 2 Discord Servers and you want to change your Discord Boost to a different server, this is how you do it: You see 3 dots on the Active Server Boosts, you click on the 3 dots which gives you this menu: After that, you click on Transfer Boost, and you choose Cfx.re Project Hub. _____________________________________________________________________________ Here is how: Join the discord-server: https://discord.gg/fivem Press the dropdown and select “Boost server”. Press “Boost this server -> continue -> “Continue to Boosts”. Pay the 4.99$ with your preferred payment-method Open FiveM -> Settings and link your FiveM-account. (Remember you need an account at forum.fivem.com and it has to be the same email as your discord-account e-mail!) After logging in, close FiveM for 5-10 minutes. Open FiveM -> Server Browser and find the server you want to boost. Left-click the “up-arrow” to boost it with your 10 points: After some minutes, you’ll see that the score has increased by your 10 points - Should be looking like this afterwards when you go back to Settings: Source: https://forum.fivem.net/t/announcing-boost4boost-server-boost-for-nitro-boosting-fivem-on-discord/676207 *** IF THIS IS CONFUSING FOR YOU, MY DM'S ARE OPEN TO HELP YOU GUIDE THROUGH IT IF YOU WISH. *** *** REMEMBER THIS IS NOT MANDATORY TO DO, BUT IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED IF YOU DECIDE TO HELP THIS WAY. ***
  8. Green

    Happy birthday Emsi fam!!!

    1. Emsi


      Thank you fam!!! 

  9. Jacks

    thanks for the wild dono dude

  10. thanks for the wild dono dude

  11. thanks for the wild dono dude

  12. Happy bday big lad, have a good un

    1. Emsi


      Thank you lad!! 😄

  13. 🎊🎉🎈🎊🎉Hæppi bursdag min gode venn! Håper du nyter dagen med møe kaker og brus! 🌹🎂🍧🎉🎊

    1. Emsi


      Ååååå takk takk det skal jeg!!! 😍❤️😍😍😍😍❤️😍❤️👌

  14. Happy birthday!!

    1. Emsi


      Thank you! 😍

  15. crazy bastard

  16. RIP Jarad Anthony Higgins (Juice WRLD).

    He was a true inspiration to me and a lot of people in the music industry.

    He will be missed. 😟💔

  17. Just wanna put it out here: We appreciate all of you for the kind and huge donations to keep the server running. Without you, we wouldn’t be here today! Thank you for supporting the server! ❤️

  18. Earlier
  19. I know I keep going on about this, but I'm in absolute awe of the fact that we've doubled the monthly donation goal for December within a week. I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who has donated, regardless of the amount, as it allows us to keep enjoying the server and tell our daft wee stories. 🙂

  20. @Stevo Thanks so much for the big donationm!

  21. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnnnnnnn 😁

  22. Mad tings 

  23. Mad Dono 

  24. W0werz! We appreciate it! Welcome to the club 😜

    1. Xeno


      Cool kid club innit 😂

  25. Snowy

    big boy dono

  26. Thank you very much for this huge donation my guy! 👍

  27. @Xeno thanks for the big donation!

  28. For anyone who likes coldplay, i've produced an instrumental version. Check it out 🙂 


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