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  2. Jabba

    DJ Dutch

    Heard it was a great night, shame I missed it.
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  5. Looks good lad,gutted to have missed it
  6. DJ Dutch playing for a crowd of adoring fans
  7. Sparky

    Tig Munson.

    lmao I did. On my dinner at work 👍
  8. nada

    A Quick Guide To Drugs

    Cocaine isn't a public drug - It's ran by a faction. You will have to use in character interactions to find out where and how you can acquire cocaine.
  9. this is only weed what about cocaine
  10. Haha yes mate glad you did! le bobski mcdurbski
  11. Jabba

    Tig Munson.

    You never read it, don't lie. It was a good read @Jacks I am gonna have to agree with Ash, I'm glad you did this. Always nice to see a little depth in a character.
  12. If this becomes a trend, I might have to contribute. It was a good wee read Wrighty, always enjoyed Bob as a character.
  13. A wee discussion aboot club PR! The three eejits guarding the bathroom while the Pres has a needed power wank. Forcing the Prospect to swing his muckle boaby aboot while Tig records the experience. Just warming the poor Prospect up before he has tae clean up some ectoplasm like a dug. Tig mastered his Chi. Finish off with a nice pic of the Pres and VP.
  14. Cheeky wee backfire and an awfy cosy sunset! Dutch holding ice to his lip after a couple eh wee scraps. A drookit lineup. Necking a couple drinks. Sgt. Egg standing guard
  15. James and Dickweed have a wee gander at something in the sky. James and the Nonce talk shite tae the undercover pig and Dickweed. Casual highway pit stop. James leading a ride out on a braw day! Fireman Chuck on duty.
  16. Dance off behind the Tequi-La-La! An army of plagued locals flood the streets, they had to be eradicated! Having a wee chill night and dancing to some classic tunes Welcome to Glasgow: Pure naked patrol.
  17. Tig leading a ride out at night. Drinking with brothers! Funky Jazz Hands!!!
  18. Hey guys so im planning to buy 2nd monitor and i really dont know if i should buy same monitor as i have now or a little bit smaller for a secondary monitor im Currently owning an ASUS MX279H 27'' Full HD IPS LED monitor, 80000000:1 ASCR, 5ms, HDMI Please Suggest what should i do 2nd monitor of the same or a little bit smaller what do you guys prefer. Any suggestion which monitor to buy ? Price range around 300 eu
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