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  2. Some banging music provided by The Chubby Tunes @Ashjones & @Jacks. Absolute blast!
  3. Small but effective update by @Newt When deleting character you are now prompted if you are sure you wish to delete. Great work Newt, this should save people accidentally doing this from now on. Ash.
  4. You changed my mind when you played Queen!
  5. Yesterday
  6. In the case that a server wipe didn't happen, an alternative approach could be to look at creating some sinks within the economy, something to flush cash out. This could be something like introducing wealth tax which takes a % of your monetary funds. However, the issue with that is, people will invest in possessions like cars rather than have the cash in bank in which it would be taxed. Instead, it could be a % of all your legal possessions; things that any government would know about like cars, homes etc. Guns and drugs, they wouldn't be classed since they would be deemed illegal and therefore not known about.
  7. I'm with Kris on this one. I have been in several RP servers before, and economy wipes only delay the issue. With a wipe, you either go hard or go home. You either have to wipe everything or don't do it at all. A hard reset is the only way to resolve the issues you guys are bringing up. I personally have no problem with the state of the server atm, I have been having some great RP at the club recently. But I am aware outside of the club, with the amount of money circulating the server, RP is becoming stale. I am happy with either outcome, as long as the server wipe is a complete wipe. Either continue how we are now or wipe everything.
  8. imo a reset would be great means more RP, less super cars. yes i know people work hard for them but fresh start RP is great and super good. ATM all it is on the server is anyone selling a car for 4 mil. IMO RP is not about money, its about RP money is just a asset a extra bonus which is 10x more fun when gained through other RP methods not doing 3 hours worth of grinding a day. people will say but i grinded but lets be honest its a RP server not a MMO all grinding does is get you money. if it was a MMO where grinding got you stats and multiple advantages id say a wipe is a pain in the ass but atm. i personally think it needs a reset. economy is almost certainly fucked at this point most people who have been on the server a couple of days have got loads of money its at the point where people could give 100k to multiple new players and not miss the money due to the volume of $ in their bank.
  9. Ive got a very strong opinion from seeing the effects of wipes on other servers, if you are looking to spice things up, a wipe wont do much, I find the tendency towards wipes to be that people instinctively want to return to their former wealth, and will rp less in order to grind money, which results in a period of time where everything goes stale, then goes back to the exact same way it was before. The only idea I think could work would be a character wipe along with it, i.e. everyone makes new characters that are different and unique, but lets be honest that would change things for about a day before everyone reverts to playing the way they did before, ultimately i think a wipe would be pointless.
  10. I've not been here all that long to be honest, but i will say what i've earned and become in this city is all due to putting hours of work into jobs, RP scenarios and taking big gambles and risks that would be a shame to lose. However i can compeltely understand what you mean about the economy being more of a "look how many cars/much money i have" kind of situation, but on the the other side i feel that people like me would feel quite bummed out by the fact we've spent all this time grinding for cash, finally made something of ourselves and then to be back at square one again would be kinda poor. I don't think i'd leave this community if a wipe were to happen, i certainly would rather it didn't happen at all though. But then again, of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the situation, as am i.
  11. Server wipes do not inherintly mean you lose a character or faction, in the last cases it didnt money and cars both left but your character and connections remained. I think a few people think their characters have to go this is not the case. The last wipe i used the connesctions and relationships to build a new empire and gained control.
  12. I have been part of servers that have encountered this issue before I am happy to discuss some ideas I have put forward before maybe some may help 🙂 Yeah but I kinda saw the economical flaw in the server and took advantage with the business idea ... It would still work but would have to be tweaked quite abit ^^ Wipe or not tho I will still continue to build a char regardless cause the players here are amazing!
  13. @Sparky also, a server wipe doesn't mean a wipe of characters and relations. It would purely be on an economical basis. If people choose a new life that's fine but removal of factions and characters wouldn't be part of it. Your relations you've built would remain the same.
  14. We are planning to have a community meeting in January, so we will 100% bring up a potential wipe. Perhaps we can discuss the way "if" we were to wipe the server, how we can over come these types of obstacles.
  15. I disagree with the wipe not because of money but because I’ve spent every day for the past 3-4 weeks getting in game and building a name for myself and after grinding that which I deem important I finally have a connection to other groups and other factions that in the past 4 nights have created some amazing RP for everyone involved and I’m being honest because of the RP and the story I have created with my faction we now have a healthy bank account not due to grinding but due to roleplay i do however agree with the fact that currently the economy of the server is pretty fucked from what I’ve seen and perhaps not a full wipe but some sort of balance act would help find a middle ground for all party’s here new players and old
  16. We hit 600 members! Ya YEET!

    1. Sparky


      Gratz to the server!

  17. Happy birthday 😄

  18. I don't think RP is for you if you want to grind 500 + hours only for cash. You can still have enough money to buy a house, a car and be able to create jobs for other people. You should be earning cash through RP interactions, and this is where the issue lies, people wanting to 'grind' for cash, that's ridiculous. As well, like both Wrighty and Connor said, if you're earning cash through RP, which is what the server is about, having these wipes wouldn't be such a big deal and you wouldn't feel like your time is wasted. I don't think we shouldn't have a server wipe because people have gone the wrong way about the server and invested their time in such a manner.
  19. People having opinions is ridiculous? This is a poll made by a member of the community who wants to see who agrees with the wipe or not, we could just think "fuck this lets wipe it, new year, new start" but tbh I'm glad @Twoggy made the poll, because I'm really interested in what the community thinks. I've never once had someone rich on the server come up to me and give me money, cars or work I've had to go into RP and do everything. Not once have I done the jobs available, I wouldn't even know what I'm doing. Your on a Role Play server not some Japanese MMO, whats the difference between rocking in a hyper car and rocking up in a shit mobile, so the kid can turn around and say "cool car?" nice one. Let's focus on the in depth RP, the bank robberies, the hostage situations, nights at the strip club, parties, community RP events, SWAT raids, races, earning your way into a faction, standing there talking to a complete stranger, making friendships, making enemies, having group meets, the list is endless. 500+ hours on grinding money for an apartment and a house, does not interest me, I come on the server for interaction and to have a laugh and I get just that and I end up not going to bed until 4 am in the morning because I've lost track of time. People say it's stale, again completely disagree, some people you can walk up to and have half a conversation with, some don't even want to talk to you, yeah then it is boring, but that's a staffing issue that needs to be dealt with, or intise them into actual RP and do something about it. You come onto the server, if you grind money fine, it's your choice the option is there, completely. I'm saying, I completely disagree with those who do, because it's not about who has the most money for me, not interested at all.
  20. I personally think the sever needs a wipe, ive never since so many tweets on a sever saying car for sale 2 mil plus. I hear alot about the sever is realistic but i personally find the money side of things is so ridiculous. To mod a car its cheap as anything and the jobs pay to much. In real life you would get like 2k a month tops if you worked your ass off (working the basic jobs) but in the sever you get 6k for one drop, the sever atm is to much on how much money you have then the rp. I think not only a wipe but change the money value which i think would bring more rp
  21. Dont get me wrong would bring great RP but ! Some of us worked hard for the stuff we have and we are very busy irl so we'd have to invest so much time in again ...
  22. I disagree for a server wipe 😞
  23. I mean that is a very fair point lol!
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