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Are you looking for a new FiveM server to call home? It appears that you’re in the right place! LSLRP strives to provide you with the best possible experience. We offer a wide variety of custom cars, scripts from the Founder and Lead Developer (zSleds), and the Head Developer (.Nick Austin), we also offer leo departments and you can even make/create your own gang or business if you really wanted to! Join today, We promise you won’t be disappointed! We have Loads of oppurtunities for everyone! ranging from LEO to FD! We also Have a Towing service with custom Liveries! and have Redline Racing which is a gang! we have so many more things that players can do! Also when it comes to Staff we make sure our staff stay as proffessional as possible! No staff member is exempt from punishments! Departments: San Andreas Highway Patrol - In Development Blaine County Sheriffs Office - In Development Los Santos Police Department - In Development San Andreas Fire Department - In Development Los Santos Communications Division (Dispatch) - In Development Departments are recruiting! We hope to see you their!